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Journey Outdoors (aka Journey: African American Outdoor Sports Association) is coming out of hiatus... We have relocated from Baltimore, MD to Portland Oregon and are again taking to the outdoors.... Our objectives of taking African Americans into the outdoors remain the same.... Join us if you are interested in Hiking, Cycling (road and off-road), Climbing (rock and ice), Kayaking, Cycle & Camp, Canoeing, Sailing · Cross-Country Skiing · Kayak Camping · Backpacking and Camping · Back country hiking · Water Sports (Canoeing · Paddling, Tubing,...), Snowshoeing, and other Outdoor Adventures. Contact Us: Heru-Ka Anu / 443-453-3010, or write: Admin@JourneyOutdoors.org. Visit our website at: www.JourneyOutdoors.org

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