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There is a shift in consciousness that is being experienced by many at this time: a shift from focusing on always wanting to obtain more to an approach to life which is based on compassion, peace and love.

Many people are experiencing this shift in isolation, sometimes finding aspects of their life challenging as they cannot continue to function in life the way they used to. The life that they witnessed looks crazy and it hurts - like the blinkers have come off!

A deep calling for a new way of life is sought: a new kind of normal.

This meetup group has been created to assist with this shift — enabling people to recognise the authentic self and the true creative power within.

This group will assist you to explore:

• How to use universal support and guidance via the universal law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, and the law of free will

• Moving towards living in oneness with all that is

• Making peace with now, this moment

• How to connect within and tap into your own soul’s infinite and eternal wisdom

• How to create from your own creative source

• Understanding who you are - the authentic you

• How to trust your own intuitive voice within

This group is non-denominational and will cover a variety of concepts from many different cultures and religions.

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Make your own kinda music! (Edinburgh)


Even if nobody else sings along… The lyrics to this song really stood out regarding how we often play out our lives by singing along and dancing to others' tunes, wishing to fit in, be accepted, and be included. And with singing our own unique song often being difficult due perhaps to a need to please or fit in with others. Like many things in our lives, we play out past fears from our own and societies past, fitting into patterns set by our previous generations and ancestors. And the universal law of karma plays out the 'Groundhog Day' experience again and gain as it's passed down from generation to generation. Things are changing now though. The world's energy is shifting, with a very strong pull for many to step into a more feminine energy, the most powerful of these being the energy of creativity. We can tap into this creative force within us through stilling the mind and recognising the birthplace of all of life’s creations is within. We intuitively know and seek this, as this also brings with it a deep sense of peace and interconnectedness with life. So at tonight's meeting we are going to look at what would it be like if we were to look at the possibility of dropping all the ways in which we have, could of or should have carried out our lives. Opening up together to what would it be like now, if we were to look now at this moment -- to look at what we can connect with within that can allow our own true expression and freedom to flow? What would it be like to experience life if we did sing our own unique song? What if it didn't matter if anyone else sung along? That all that mattered was that our hearts were open, our song being sung fully with joy, and with peace being its beautiful melody? Join us tonight and have an explorative evening with like-minded souls. with the evening starting with us sharing possibilities and finishing with a guided meditation using the universal laws of the universe, law of attention and intention, law of attraction and the law of our own free will to open your energy field to sing your song NOW!!!

FREE Journey Within - Soul Connection meditation
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Link in with us from your home

FREE Journey Within - Soul Connection meditation Take time to journey within and connect with who you are and what you desire deep within. I am sorry that, due to personal circumstances, I have been unable to organise and run meetups over the last couple of months. I intend to organise some new ventures in March and invitations to these will be issued within the next couple of weeks. So watch this space! In the meantime, I have received emails and messages from some of the group’s regulars saying how much they have missed our group meditations. I’ve missed these too, so I’ve included one here until we meet again. This recorded meditation will help you to connect with your inner soul, and the voice that connects you to everything that you really are. It will guide you into a deep relaxed meditative state, where you will be given the opportunity to ask three questions of your inner voice. I have asked the first two for you, leaving the third as an opportunity for you to ask your own personal question that you seek an answer to. The questions are as follows: 1. what would I like to express/experience in this lifetime? 2. what soul mates/connections are you seeking your soul mate? 3. and now time for you to ask your question. To listen just click on the attached link... http://eternalpossibilities.com/journeywithin.html As this is a deep guided meditation, please ensure you listen when you have time to sit or lie down and 'be' with this...i.e. please do not listen whilst you are driving or operating heavy machinery. I hope you enjoy this meditative experience and I look forward to seeing you face-to-face again soon. Happy, joyous and loving journeys meantime. Jinty.

Free meditation - Intuitive you!
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Intuition is something we are all endowed with. Some of us utilise this aspect of self often, with others connecting more deeply with mind and intellect. But all of us have it! If you would like to connect with this aspect of self more often or in more depth, please feel free to play the guided meditation below. http://eternalpossibilities.com/intuitiveyou.html I look forward to seeing you all soon. Jinty xx

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