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In a message written by the spirit Joanna de Angelis, psychographed by the courageous medium Divaldo Pereira Franco, the noble Benefactor of Humanity affirms: "The great transition announced by the Scriptures and confirmed by Spiritism is being carried out on this earth.
In fact, if we take a brief look at the physical and moral convulsions that have been shaking the planet, we will realize, without difficulty, that the present times are of transformation. And when we analyze the delicate moment of our planet, we cannot help but think about the role of the family in this phase of deep changes of the terrestrial scenario towards the proposal of regeneration.
The family, according to the Spirit Camilo in the book Family Path, "constitutes the most remarkable nucleus of liberation and learning for spirits coming to the world of the dense energies in the activities of individual renewal", it symbolizes the strategy of the Great Father with a view to the growth of His children and, consequently, to the improvement of the Great Home that now shelters us.
It is undeniable that life in the home environment presents us with a series of challenges. In "The Gospel According to Spiritism" we are informed in Chapter 14 (Honor your father and your mother) that our family members may be either sympathetic, unfriendly or even stranger spirits. This means that we will not always be side by side with creatures that are dear to us. But it is our duty, as children of the Highest, to give the other the right to be as he is, respecting each man's way of acting and learning from our differences the best way to serve.
In the relationship with the consanguineous, we need to ask ourselves what God expects of each of us, since we do not reincarnate in the wrong family. We are in the grouping that gives us the best resources for our growth. In truth, our biological family is humanity in miniature, in the words of the Spirit Camilo, the family is where we will have the fortunate opportunity to rehearse, to prepare ourselves for the future coexistence in society.
Joanna de Angelis, in the book Vida Feliz (happy Life), emphasizes that as much time as possible should be applied to family life through dialogues and examples, making it the most effective method of education. She affirms that everything that is invested in the home will return, according to the application made, being fundamental to make of our homes the workshops where happiness lives.
Knowing that thoughts can be channeled in an uplifting sense, giving rise to words and worthy acts, let us make the effort in our homes to stimulate kindness, compassion and charity, in the construction of an environment of love and balance. The changes that have been taking place on Earth are necessary and require on our part self-denial and dedication to duty, but let us be sure that after the period of affliction is over, that of harmony will come when we realize that the great earthly family is Humanity regenerated by the Good.

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