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JourneyDance ~ Dancing with the Shadow

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'Everyone carries a shadow and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is' ~ Carl Jung

The shadow is that part of ourselves that we do not know or do not want to know about; the deepest, most undesired, unacceptable aspects of our personality that we tend to repress and neglect. However, our shadow also holds our greatest potential -it is our brightest gold, in disguise..

We also all have our demons coming up, at least occasionally..They are the unsupportive, judgemental voices in our heads, criticising, restricting and holding us back from realising our truest potential. They are the limiting beliefs, the undeserving thoughts, the self-abusing and sabotaging parts of ourselves, otherwise known as the 'victimiser' or 'inner critic'...And still those harsh inner aspects, at their deepest core, are but unmet and unsupported needs and emotions, awaiting for authentic connection and loving embrace...

In this month's JourneyDance, we will invite our shadow side and our demons, as they manifest through the different chakras, to the dance floor and will make space for them to move, be heard and acknowledged. We will then 'feed' and support them, until they reveal their secret teachings -the gold in the shadow- and become our Allies, Friends and greatest Teachers. Movement, ritual and community offer a powerful medium for the transformation to take place and become crystallised and integrated, in the safe and sacred container of JourneyDance. Come and join the Dance! Be prepared to look your shadows straight in the eye, embody and transform your inner critic into a trusted friend and discover your brightest light where you least expected!

Investment: £15
***Please bring CASH with you, as we are not taking payment by card. If you could have the exact amount, that would be greatly appreciated -but no worries if you don't!***

Can't wait to dance with you in the beautiful space of Evolve in South Kensington! Here's a map to the studio:

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