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JourneyDance ~ The Chakra Series (Whole Course)

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Evolve Wellness Centre

10 Kendrick Mews, South Kensington · SW7 3HG London

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JourneyDance ~ The Chakra Series

The chakras are the energy centres of the human body, located on a vertical axis along the spine. There are seven major chakras; each of them is associated with an element of nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether, light, consciousness), a specific area of the body and with certain aspects of the human life and experience.

The free flow of energy through the chakras is essential and determines the state of our physical and mental health, our emotional balance and sense of spiritual connection. However, imbalances in the chakras occur on a day-to-day basis, as a result of our human experience and interactions, affecting our chakras and creating either a deficient or an excessive condition in them.

Movement, energy healing, yoga, dance and ritual are all powerful and highly effective ways to bring our chakras back into a balanced state and reestablish their optimal function. With the help of these conscious practices, we release blockages, as we fully embody the essence of each of our energy centres, by moving and being with, in and as the nature of each respective chakra - slow and grounded like the earth, fluid and sensual like the water, powerful and intentional like fire, etc.

The JourneyDance sequence is fundamentally based on the chakras and the elements, using them as the map of our flow. In the Chakra Series in specific, we will be focusing on two to three chakras at a time, and will be experimenting with different choreographies, techniques and practices to awaken and harmonise our energy centres and unleash their potential, in the spirit of conscious community.

We will start with the lower chakras, the 'earthly realm', and will be moving towards the higher ones, the 'heavenly realm', over a period of 3 monhts. (1 class per month).


1. January 30: Root & Sacral Chakras - Earth & Water

2. February 27: Navel & Heart Chakras - Fire & Air

3. March 27: Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras - Ether, Light & Consciousness

TIME: 7 - 8.15 pm


1. Book the whole course in advance at the special price of £42 (save £9).

2. Individual advance bookings for each class: £15 (save £2)

3. Drop-in: £17