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JourneyDance Chakra Series Part 1: Root & Sacral Chakras

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Evolve Wellness Centre

10 Kendrick Mews, South Kensington · SW7 3HG London

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January JourneyDance ~ Root & Sacral Chakras; Ground and Flow

Our first JourneyDance of 2015 will be dedicated to the first two chakras; the root and sacral chakras, associated with the elements of earth and water respectively.

The root chakra governs the lower half of our body, our feet and legs and bones, our foundation -both physically and symbolically. A strong root chakra allows us to feel grounded, present, safe and supported in this life. Fear, insecurity, chronic fatigue, or over-attachment to our material possessions are symptoms of imbalance in this area of our energy body.

Our sacral chakra is the seat of our sensuality and sexuality, of our emotions and creativity, as well as of this great unknown part of us, called the unconscious. When our sacral chakra functions optimally, we are able to flow with life, to embrace and express our emotions, to enjoy a pleasure-filled, joyful, 'juicy' life. Feelings of dryness and of being drained, physically and emotionally, emotional repression and stuckness, or, on the other hand, all types of dependency, whether on substances, people, or emotions, all point to the need to work with the sacral chakra and reestablish its health and balance.

In our January Dance, we will be strengthening our foundation, our connection with the earth, by spending more time on the floor, rolling, stretching, releasing and growing our roots deep into the earth, to then receive nurturance and support from her...

We will also be awakening to our fluid nature, by moving like the water, undulating our spine and limbs, and giving expression to our emotions through dance, breath and sweat.

We will explore both the feminine and masculine aspects of each chakra and will play with the combination and integration of them in our dance, shared and individual.

Join us on this journey to a wonderful, embodied, strong and fluid start to the New Year!!

This the first class of a three-month course (1 class per month), the Chakra Series, focusing on the chakra system, with each monthly class dedicated to the in-depth exploration of two/three chakras. For more information about the course and to book all three classes at a special discounted price, please click here:


1. Book the whole course in advance at the special price of £42(save £9). (Please go to the Chakra Series event page (, to book the course)

2. Individual advance bookings for each class: £15 (save £2)

3. Drop-in: £17


1. January 30: Root & Sacral Chakras - Earth & Water

2. February 27: Navel & Heart Chakras - Fire & Air

3. March 27: Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras - Ether, Light & Consciousness