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Love your Body through the Chakras ~ A Women's JourneyDance Workshop

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Samsara mind and body

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>> JourneyDance is BACK in London for a one-off workshop <<

Love your Body through the Chakras ~ A JourneyDance Workshop for Women

We know today that, sadly, very few women are satisfied with our bodies -only 1 out of 10, according to striking statistics.

Every Food, Weight & Body-Image issue can be seen as a manifestation and result of a blockage, or imbalance in one or more of our chakras -the energy centers of the body.

JourneyDance is in itself a body-positive, healing movement modality, based on the chakras and the elements, designed to create an intimate, loving relationship with our bodies, and inspire radical self and body-love.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will be moving through the 7 major Chakras, using the JourneyDance sequence as our map and foundation, in order to unlock the 'key' each one of them holds in healing and deepening our relationship with our bodies, and truly loving, embracing and appreciating every part of them!

We will be bringing together the powerful JourneyDance mediums of free-flow movement, ritual, shamanism, energy healing and sacred community with different tools and techniques from Stella's private Food & Body-Image Healing practice, inspired by the traditions of Movement & Art Therapy, Bioenergetics, Chakra-Work, Feminine Spirituality & Embodiment that will help you:

1. Experience what it means to be fully present, grounded and EMBODIED: out of the mind and IN the body {Chakra 1 - Earth}

2. Connect with and express your EMOTIONS through the body and movement, so that you don't have to seek comfort for them in food, or project them on the body.


Awaken to the healing power of PLEASURE, sensuality and aliveness in the body, regardless of your shape and size {Chakra 2 - Water}

3. Learn how to deal with the voice of the INNER CRITIC -the one that tells you you are not 'good enough', 'skinny enough', 'attractive enough', 'smart enough'...- and turn it from an enemy into an ally, through JourneyDance's powerful ritual choreography.


Fire Ritual to deeply let go of old ways of thinking, beliefs, stuck energy and patterns in our relationship with our bodies that do not serve us anymore. {Chakra 3 - Fire}

4. Connect with your body and with others' bodies through the HEART, and bring the qualities of unconditional acceptance, loving kindness, forgiveness and compassion to every body -including and starting with your own! {Chakra 4 - Air}

5. Embody your Goddess Self: Stop waiting for the time *when* your body will look a certain way, and start bringing your DESIRES to life, through your body, in the here and now {Chakras 2 & 6}

6. Create and witness Beauty, through the Body -beauty that is not dependent on body shape, size and conventional standards {Chakras 5 & 6}

7. Connect with your INNER WISDOM, your High Priestess self, to guide you on your journey toward Body Love {Chakra 6 - Light}

8. Awaken to and experience your SOULBODY; your Body as an embodiment of Nature, one with the elements, a manifestation of your Soul in the world of Matter & Form -your Body as Pure Energy. {Chakra 7 - Energy}

This will be a unique transformational experience that will fundamentally shift the way you see, experience and relate to your Body, and you are warmly invited to take this Journey with us!

*Places are limited, so make sure you book yours early, if you desire to join us.*


£32 book in advance, until 14th March

£37 after 14th March and drop-in/on the door

There are TWO WAYS to book your place in advance:

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Can't wait to dance with you!