What we're about

Dancers, Movers, Shakers and Curious Ones: Simple guided movement with full expression. No previous dance experience necessary.

Barefoot! Freestyle! Movement! Expression! Try Something New !! Join Us!!

In JourneyDance we celebrate EVERYBODY - and EVERYONE can DANCE.

🔅Get out of your mind and into your body

🔅Release what no longer serves you and call in what does

🔅Awaken to yourself as an intuitive sensual being

🔅Deepen your capacity for joy and connection

🔅And MOVE INTO A NEW STORY - for your life and our world!

JourneyDance™ calls us to heal, get physical, and connect with our inner resources, to step into our highest potential, reconnecting us with our innate states of joy, well-being, and pleasure. We explore our emotions, dance our fiery rhythmic beats, and create from our deepest prayerful tones. In this hypnotic container, our minds become clear and free, our outlook becomes more positive, our bodies become more fluid, energized, and powerful.

Through guided and freestyle movement, the power of music and sound, heart-expanding energy practices and our own breath leading the way--we encourage self-trust, self-approval, and find our divine knowledge within every dancer (and everyone is a dancer).

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DREAM Dance: JourneyDance + Breathwork

Princeton Integral Yoga Community

JourneyDance™ Explorations Monthly Class


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