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“Life is an inside joke!!! If you get it, the sky’s the limit…….”

We are all passenger in this lifetime, moving from one experience to the next. What is experienced externally is just a reflection of what is actually taking place on the inside. Through self questioning and opening up to the novelty of life, we can find answers from within. Our meetup group is about journeying through life and discovering the truth behind all the appearances. We each have a portion of the truth, and by sharing with each other we can gain greater insight allowing wisdom to flow down from the universe. Come journey with us through interactive discussions on various topics. Life is not a destination! It a journey!

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Héroïk Ta Vie - A Joyful Journey of Self-Transcendence

Art Neuf, Centre Culturel Calixa Lavallée

The Art of Mastering "SELF"

JKS Martial Arts

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