The Joy of Prototyping in F#


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Fred Brooks tells us "when building a new system to plan to throw one away, because you will, anyhow".

Prototyping lets us explore ideas and try things out quickly. In this talk, we'll build simple, but readable static models in F# to help us understand the domain model and generate examples. We'll define functions we can show to a business analyst and use them with fuzzing tools like QuickCheck to look for counter-examples. Finally, we'll create quick & dirty UIs that let us create interactive models so we can see what happens.

Our Speaker: Steve Goguen

Steve works in the building materials industry and builds ecommerce, merchandising and delivery tracking systems using a mix of object-oriented and functional components. When he's not busy, he sometimes makes very short F# screencasts on Twitter on @fsharpcasts. You can reach him on Twitter @sgoguen.


We're looking for speakers! It's OK if you've never spoken before or if you've spoken hundreds of times, we want to hear from you!

We're looking for talks about anything interesting to programmers, come share about your favorite language or framework, or learn something new and talk about how it went! We're hoping for talks about anything but here are a few things members have mentioned wanting to learn about recently: Go, C, C++, Haskell, Erlang, and Elixir.

Contact Jess or Brock on the left or through whatever means you have :)