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Joy of Sharing Society is started by group of working professional from different MNCs and Students.

Charity keeps you alive BE ALIVE Make a difference by sharing Love and Care.

Mission Statement: There is a profound difference between living and life. Living may extend time for another day. But life is far more than sleeping and waking. Life is more than merely existing. Keeping you Alive would be more interesting By sharing Love and care with an Orphan Child

Vision To create a world with full of Love, Compassion, Joy, and Peace for all beings on earth. Where life is celebration every moment. To make this vision come true we strongly believe kids are future generation and pure form of divine .If we plant the seeds of love ,compassion, joy ,peace in their minds, and connect them to their inner divine which is the source of life and allow them to be their true self. These planted seeds grow into limitless source of Love, Joy, peace, compassion which will be pass to generation after generations.

What we do ?

Teach them Meditation, Teach them Dance and Painting, Teach them Joy of Sharing with others, Tell them motivational stories, Help them in Studies Taking care of the all-round development of children Through stories we teach them how to be loving, be compassionate to others and towards animals, Joy of sharing with others, value of friendship. We as a group we spend our Sundays with these kids.

You can join us Get Involved Our children need your support in

1) Spending your time, sharing your love and care

2) Celebrating your birthdays with them

3) Donating your Old clothes ,Toys

4) Sharing your knowledge with them

5) Sponsoring Lunch/Dinner ,Monthly groceries , Outing for kids

Funding money which will be used for their studies, for outing trips, for dance and karate classes

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