[Senior to Midrange] Swagger.io – Representing your RESTful Service


RESTful services are becoming more prevalent in the systems we build and interact with. One of the problems with RESTful services is documentation. The documentation is either non-existent, out-dated and useless or done in Word completed separate from the actual code. Keeping the documentation up to date is also boring.

Swagger.io gives you a way to overcome your RESTful service documentation problems by making your RESTful service’s documentation part of the code. Swagger.io gives you interactive documentation, i.e. no more boring Word documents, and the added bonuses of client SDK generation and discoverability.

Tobias is a Senior developer and part-time trainer at BBD. He is currently drifting around the banking space. He has been a developer for 15 years and holds an MEng from Wits. In a previous life he was a C# developer, but is currently applying his trade in Java.


18:00 - 19:00 Social and food

19:00 - 20:00 Swagger with Tobias Coetzee

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