Learn to use lambdas in Java 8


Note that this Meetup is on the Wednesday and not the Monday

Two of the brand new features that were introduced with Java 8 are lambdas and the stream API. Join the Jozi JUG for the next two months to start sharpening up your lambda and streaming skills. The sessions will include take-home exercises to help you practice and strengthen what you learned.

The format and exercises for these sessions are based on the online training initially presented by Simon Ritter.

We are going to tackle lambdas in the first month. We are going to show you why we need lambdas in Java and how to use them, get you functional programming hats on. We will also introduce you to some useful new methods in Java 8 that can use Lambdas.This will be a practical session and you are welcome to bring your laptop along, but not required. Remember to have JDK 8 loaded!

After this session you should know how to:

• Apply Lambdas to everyday problems

• Convert anonymous classes to Lambda expressions

• Determine when to apply Lambdas (and when not to!)

• Debug Lambda expressions

The session will be presented by Tobias Coetzee, one of the Jozi JUG organising committee members. Tobias works for BBD where he is a technical lead. He is currently floating around the banking space and trying his best to stay sane. Tobias has presented a couple of times at the Jozi JUG before and is also one of the presenters from DevConf 2016. When he isn't learning something new Tobias likes to see how far he can run before his legs fall off.


18:00 - 19:00 Social and food

19:00 - 20:00 Learn lambdas

The sponsor for the venue, food and drink is BBD.

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