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This is Jugger Ireland Meet Up!! Welcome!

Everyone over the age of 18 is more than welcome to join jugger and give it a go. All you need is to bring is sports clothes, sports boots (or runners) and yourself. We will have the rest.

Jugger is a semi contact field sport for both men and women. It is a mixture of fencing and rugby and a hell of a lot of fun! There are 5 people to a team, 4 people have lightly padded sports weapons and they use these to tag the other team in hit zones. If you are tagged you are out of the game for 5 stones (1 stone = 1.5 sec) the other player is the Qwik, the qwik has no weapon but they are the only player that can carry the ball and the only one who can score. Qwiks can tackle and grapple each other.

Jugger is a worldwide sport and the Irish teams travel and play every year in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic and sometimes in USA and Australia. And every two years we host the Irish international Tournament attracting 26 teams from all corners of the world.

There are two Dublin based teams Setanta Jugger Club and Rampage. We train together in Fairview Park by the GAA pitches every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm - 830pm and on Sunday from 1pm - 330pm.

If you would like to try a new sport, get fit, be part of a friendly and active social community or if you would just like to have fun JOIN US!!!!

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