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Juicing Raw Organic Fruits and Vegetables for Optimal Health:

This is a project I started to help myself with weight loss in order to avoid knee surgery. In order to live pain free, I started juicing daily. Below is the profile I created to help my community. I hold meetings where people come to learn about juicing various fruits and vegetables that offer many health benefits.

Let's get together to discover the health benefits of juicing and some important reasons you should incorporate it into your diet. As we all know, it is hard to argue against the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables daily. Now, juicing is another option on how to get in all the nutrients of the raw greens. Come with us to discover the power of juicing and make it a healthier part of your daily life. We can share recipes, learn juice detoxing, juice fasting, weight loss with juicing and much more. We can also learn about eating organic fruits and vegetables through juicing together as a group.

Some benefits of juicing:

· getting good night sleep

· glowing clear and younger looking skin

· lots of energy

· clearer sharper mind

· improve immune system

· reduce inflammation

· detox your body

· good digestive system ...and much more!

Are you ready for a juice challenge?

My goal is to start a local Small Organic Farm with a Juicing Bar, where I can continue to offer free juicing classes to my community members. I love to include children in my program to help keep them away from eating too much sweet foods.

We will also add on location Anywhere Fitness events on a day of health awareness with Zumba and other outdoor activities.
Please join me in creating a healthier community for our children!

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