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Everyday Tantra is a path of life’s passions. It’s about change that matters. It’s about unfolding life in a way that brings more depth, freedom, greater love and enjoying the life you are in.


Looking for “how to’s” or the perfect answer may have seemed like a viable choice in the past, but you want transformation. Retrieving your individual choices, reclaiming your voice and trusting your own way, opens the doors to understanding how to make change sustainable.

Tantra is merging all parts of life. Here, we support empowerment, embodiment, and slowing down to create thriving relationships. You are the focus. It’s your life. Change is on your terms and our events and offerings invite you to profound awareness and understanding. They lay a foundation and help you remember who you are, your way. Rather than telling you how to be you. The classes, events, and online offerings help you gain deeper presence, simple integration of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Self-Trust and Self-Care are also important parts of this integration. Everyday tantra is getting in touch with the authentic parts of who you are and expressing it with absolutely zero fear of being judged by them. This offers you the permission to surrender and allow the love of yourself to be shared with everyone.

Are you ready to stop the endless seeking and searching externally? Are you ready to return home to you?

Welcome to Everyday Tantra!

Juicy Enlightenment is all about falling in love with yourself!! Marrying your spirituality with your sexuality, that through embodiment, (feeling good in your body) you can live life liberated, on YOUR own terms. We are dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have. This will be a place for us to stay connected between events/visits.
It will be a place we can discuss things that are alive on your heart right now!
This has also come about because I am getting so many emails, facebook messages on the same topics, we are all on such similar paths and I have less and less time to respond one on one, so my intent in doing calls is that we can stay tuned in with what's juicy right now, and that we can all serve as resources for each other.

Upcoming events (5+)

FREE: Radical Love - Awakening & Expanding Your Capacity to Love - in NYC

What stories are you telling yourself about Love? That you're life is full of love and you have everything you need? For many people there is a false story about not belonging. Would you like to spend an afternoon experiencing a different story, one of belonging, or feeling more deeply seen, accepted, and connected to others? Let's talk about love. Registration at 6:00 Event starts promptly at 6:30 and no one will be admitted after we begin. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY so you can settle in and register. Last time we had close to 30 people. Advertised in multiple locations. Singles and couples welcome. Please text Rhea (978)[masked] OR Buck (914)[masked] for questions. Spend time deepening your connection to yourself and others - in a safe, warm and welcoming environment. In a safe space, with boundaries and choice emphasized: • We invite you to experience new ways of expressing your truth and being received with empathy and compassion. • We share experiences and perspectives on the topic on the night, while consciously listening. • We invite you to engage with a partner of your choice and exchange nurturing, non-sexual touch. • Through reflection, magic may happen...masks may dissolve to reveal our common human-ness!! Rhea and Buck will lead you through a gentle series of exercises designed to open your heart and allow you to be more connected with others. In just a couple of hours you’ll discover how we’ve helped tens of thousands of participants (couples, singles, GLBTIQ) enhance their relationships and their lives. When you show up you get to connect, relate, and experience what we jointly create here. Practice using powerful "I" statements, sharing perspectives, listening deeply and allowing all (or some) of your uniqueness, quirkiness and specialness to be seen, received and respected by others. You will also learn more about our weekend workshops which focus on: - Love, intimacy and sexuality - Connections, communication and being happy - Improving body image to improve your awareness love of yourself and others - Making the right heart choices for you - Finding love, being honest and creating emotional intimacy At the end of the event you will be invited to register at a discount for one of our weekend workshops and will receive a $75 discount if you register that day. As with any true invitation, you can accept or decline the invitation with no pressure. We honor your choices. LOGISTICS: NOTE: Workshop to start promptly at 6:30 pm. NO ONE will be admitted after workshop begins. ABOUT HAI Global - The Human Awareness Institute The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) aims to create a world where people live together in dignity, respect, understanding, kindness, compassion, honesty, and love. HAI aspires to broaden and expand intimacy in an inclusive and holistic manner. HAI's exercises have helped tens of thousands of participants (couples, singles, GLBTIQ) enhance their relationships and their lives. There is no fee for this mini workshop. At the end of this mini workshop, the volunteers leader will invite you to register at a $75 discount for one of HAI's full weekend workshops. These weekend workshops focus on: love, intimacy and sexuality; connections, communication and being happy; improving body image to improve your awareness of love for yourself and others; making the right heart choices for you; and finding love, being honest, and creating emotional intimacy.

Purpose, Power, Sex and Money-Washington DC

Needs a location

Power, Purpose, Sex & Money “Life will never be the same” RSVP : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/purpose-power-sex-and-money-dc-tickets-529261 Is there anything more meaningful, more fun, more juicy than these subjects? All complications, all celebrations are based on the misuse and the effective mastery of these concepts? Have you always secretly desired to understand the intrinsic connection between your performance in the bedroom and your performance as a money maker? Would you like to uncover your life purpose and manifest the power to make it come alive? Come for a deep dive weekend immersion that experientially uncovers the link between all of them. Break through your sexual shames and own your desires so you can become a true money magnet! Discover your soul’s purpose and have a whole lot of fun for the rest of your life. When these links are made, your life will never be the same. Be prepared to completely surrender Be prepared to completely alter your life. Be prepared to laugh and play as you reinstate your blissful inner child. Join these three masterful facilitators as they powerfully deliver the weekend workshop that will change your entire existence. Purpose: What does purpose mean in today’s world? Often you hear the question “what is your purpose?” Are you living your life filled with purpose? There is a strong distinction between the purpose of the personality and the purpose of the soul. Personality takes form into this human incarnation that our soul lives inside of. For many humans on earth, there is a direct connection between purpose personality and “what they do in the world.” Slowly, more individuals are discovering their soul’s purpose and directly linking it to “what they do.” Power: Where does Power Arise from? Why are we, as humans, so passionate and powerful about some areas of life, and don’t seem to care about others? Are you consciously, or unconsciously giving your power away to another? Inside of relationships such as romantic, business, Social and familial there is a common tendency to give away power to another to whom we idolize, or we feel they know more than us. To truly take one’s power back can be a tough journey and it involves deeply looking at where power has been lost. Sex: This is the word, the feeling, the distinction that can create such intense feelings in the body. Whether its sexual abuse, or sexual activity, or just wild, raw sex, every human has a particular feeling in the body and mind when it comes to the word sex. Often there are many projections, judgements and strong feelings associated around sexuality. However, in truth, our sexual energy is the most potent energy on earth: it’s what put you here, reading these words. When harnessed and utilized effectively, sexual energy can have a massive impact both negatively and positively in the world. It’s time to master your sexual energy! Money: Much of our life is spent worrying about money. Do I have enough? I need to save more. Can I pay the bills this month? Will I get a raise? Will my children have enough for their education? The list goes on and on. There is such a strong collective worry, shame and fear around making money, spending money and loosing money. Most humans spend their entire lives inside the trauma, and pain inflicted by this paper and electronic currency. She is a beautiful Goddess, money, and the more she is celebrated and allowed to flow freely, money has a great way of moving towards the energy of greater love. So, how do these four areas all line up together? Come explore and attend this workshop! To register : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/purpose-power-sex-and-money-dc-tickets-529261 www.purposepowersexandmoney.com Workshop: Power, Purpose, Sex & Money Facilitators: Monique Darling, Peter Peterson & Aaron Kleinerman Dates: April 5-7, 2019 Where: Falls Church, VA Tuition: $297 Early bird, $350 regular price Register: Email: [masked]

Timeless Loving® Weekend Workshop: An Introduction to SkyDancing® Tantra

Come and Experience the "TIMELESS LOVING WORKSHOP" where we explore concepts of Margot Anand's SkyDancing Tantra that can be easily integrated into your lovemaking and daily life. Expand your perspective of spirituality, sexuality, love and intimacy to give your love life a whole new dimension. Discover that Tantra is so much more than “just sex”! SINGLES and COUPLES are welcome. You don’t have to be in a relationship to learn about Tantra! No previous experience necessary. Use link below for $50 OFF when you use the link below. Cost: $[masked] per person (depending on accommodation choices) Please TEXT Olga with any questions: (973)[masked] https://ecst.link/rib1tl1904rcma LOCATION: Rowe Center, 22 Kings Hwy, Rowe, MA 01367 Take Amtrak Vermonter Train to Greenfield and pick up to workshop. It's a gift to feel our body and our senses in each moment. We can quieten our mind with the bliss of pleasure, and merge our spirit into timelessness. This opens the door to true intimacy within ourselves, our beloved and those close to us, and we discover our orgasmic potential in the valleys and on the peaks, leaving conventional sexual goals behind. Do you wonder how to take sex to a higher level? Would you like to improve your lovemaking? Is self-acceptance an issue for you? Do you wish there was more love in your life? Are you ready to integrate Tantra into your lifestyle? Could your communication skills be improved? Could there be more romance in your relationship? Would you like to be an even better lover? You have probably answered yes to most of the questions, and if so, then Timeless Loving (Level 1) is for you. By opening your heart and energy channels you discover new ways to enjoy unconditional love and connection in a safe and loving environment. We explore: the weaving of spirituality, love and intimacy enhancing intimate communication skills. Tantric Rituals the gentle power of sacred space moving sexual energy to the heart From the Timeless Loving (Level 1) seminar, you'll take home with you ways to access your source of ecstatic energy, and share it in a conscious way in your intimate relationships and your everyday life. This popular seminar is a fun and safe way to begin your Tantric journey. While we consider Tantra to be a continuing and spiritual practice, you'll learn many things that can be put to play immediately after the seminar, then again and again. Timeless Loving (Level 1): An Introduction to SkyDancing Tantra is is designed for people ready to take a step towards more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their intimate relating and daily lives. PRESENTERS: Sara & Thomas Stout: Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Directors of Ecstatic Living — Minnesota, Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Sara & Thomas Stout teach sacred sexuality and conscious relationship seminars in California and Minnesota, together and with other Ecstatic Living teachers. Married for over 25 years, Sara & Thomas are a powerful teaching team who bring great warmth, insight and humor into their sacred sexuality and conscious relationship workshops. For over two decades, while balancing their lives as parents and working professionals, Sara & Thomas have cultivated what they call "the art of intimate relating", which they beautifully demonstrate through their workshops.

The Art of Adoration Facilitator Training with Kai & Monique

For more information and to fill out the application for this special training go here: http://www.kaikarrel.com/programs/art-of-adoration/ The Art of Adoration and the Tantra Puja are rituals and a deep set of tools intended for facilitators and coaches working in the fields of Tantra, relationships, and sexuality. Throughout this weekend we’ll explore the deeper teachings of classical tantra with the direct and practical use within our sessions and client work. We’ll understand the hidden layers of shame and guilt, explore the many tools Tantra provides us for understanding our psyche and releasing trauma stored within the body. The Tantra Puja is a profound healing ritual for integrating and healing the inner divide between the masculine and feminine. It is a combination of an ancient ritual infused with the years of study I’ve had within the Shamanic traditions. I’ve lead hundreds of these Pujas all around the world and helped thousands of people to find this inner balance, allowing for the process of falling in love with themselves to occur. In all of my years as a facilitator, I’ve never had more impact and more transformation with any other offering I’ve ever had to share. This course is the first time I am training others to share this ritual and carry on this work around the world. We will go through a deep Tantric initiation and study the ritual in utmost depth and utmost care. Those completing this course will be certified Puja facilitators and carriers of the Art of Adoration. Read more about the Tantra Puja: http://www.kaikarrel.com/blog/the-goddess-puja/ During this weekend we’ll be covering the necessary tools for offering tantric work. We’ll explore the inner work, us, as healers have to focus on and continuously hone as we study this skill. ‘Healing the Healer’ is an important part of embarking on a Tantric journey as a facilitator. This path, demands utmost integrity and centeredness and requires a deep inner transformation and the willingness to explore our weakness and shadow in an ongoing way. We’ll also study the energetic and shamanic influences of bodywork and working with clients in such challenging topics which bring about trauma, fears, shame, and guilt. Learning to “clean” and maintain our own energetic balance is of utmost importance for doing this work. We’ll study how to cleanse our bodies before, during and after session work; learn and practice sacred mantras and Tantric rituals to empower and uplift and manifest long-lasting change for ourselves and our clients. ----- Who This Training Is For Trained facilitators, healers or coaches within the field of Relationships, Tantra and Sexuality. Signing up to join us on this journey requires a commitment to actively add the Tantra Puja as a part of your teaching or Healership curriculum. This course is not for beginners walking the Tantric path and requires prior study and work within this field to be accepted to join this program. Who This Training is Not For - Beginners or trainees looking for their own healing at this time, as this course is dedicated for empowering coaches and facilitators and we will mostly focus on studying how to facilitate change for others. Self-healing is covered in this course but it isn’t our main focus. - As with any Tantric experience, you are required to take full responsibility for your experience, which includes taking care of your body, being able to express firm boundaries and know your own emotional, physical and spiritual limitation. - If you are currently going through a deep healing process, whether with personal coaching or medication we will not accept you to this program as it deals with deep study and might trigger further trauma.

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