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Julia is a modern programming language made to reshape the Data Science world.

"Julia combines the ease of use of quantitative environments such as Python and R with the speed of production programming languages such as C++ and Java" (Julia Computing)

This meetup is meant to bring the Julia enthusiasts around Munich together, envision new ideas, share and help among projects, do some hackathons, invite speakers, and just get to know each other.
If you are a 5-years-experienced julia programmer or just curious about learning a piece of the future today - this meetup is for all interested in julia.

My name is Stephan Sahm, a professional Julia developer and founder of JuliaPerformance www.juliaperformance.com, a company dedicated to the Julia programming language. I am working also as Senior Data Science and Engineering Consultant around Munich.

Julia is spreading more and more in academia and production environments, hence it is time to start a Julia Meetup in Munich.
Let's reshape Data Science in Munich.

organized and sponsored by JuliaPerformance

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Fall in love with Julia: Optimization in Julia 101

Needs a location

Hi all, this introductory series is for you:

  • you do Data Science in R, Python, Matlab, Fortran, etc.?
  • you like it high-level and high-performant?

Optimization is at the heart of every mathematical modelling. Hence there are dozens of optimization libraries, also in Julia. This zoo of interfaces and functionality got united under a common API within the package Optimization.jl

We are going to look through Optimization.jl and how you can use it for your next optimization task.

As usual in this series, you will get a beginner-friendly hands-on experience using a Jupyter-Notebook, with which you can try out Optimization.jl yourself and also experiment further afterwards. The material will be made available at the github repository https://github.com/jolin-io/fall-in-love-with-julia
You do not need to prepare anything.

Looking forward to see you all!
Spread the news and invite everyone to this Julia 101!
It is going to be online, so everyone from everywhere is welcome.

Stephan Sahm
Founder of Jolin.io consultancy

P.S.: The link to the online tool will be made available 10 min before the actual start. Please join 5 min ahead, the session is going to start on-time, 18:30 CET.

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Share&Code: Agent-based modeling (ABM) in Julia with Agents.jl

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