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The C. G. Jung Centre was founded in 1990 by Jasbinder Garnermann following the success of the Jung Society public lectures which were started two years previously. Initially the aim was to run a year-long study of Jung’s work leading to a Certificate in Jungian Studies. This was the first time that a Jungian course had been run in Ireland.

From her own background in literature and philosophy, with a first class degree from Delhi University and a Jungian analysis from Errol Weiner, she devised a course that included depth psychology, mythology, psychopathology and dream analysis. She was guided in this task by Cornelia Brunner, former President of the Zurich Psychological Club and Marie-Louise von Franz, prolific writer on myths, fairytales and dreams and collaborator with Jung on alchemical studies. A significant debt was owed to Sir Laurens van der Post, diplomat and personal friend of Jung who wrote the classical biography C.G. Jung: His Myth in Our Time. Such was his confidence that the Centre was carrying the spirit of Jung that he agreed to be Patron of the Centre. His profound understanding of the shift in consciousness that Jung pioneered in the West has continued to be the guiding principle of the Centre.

From the initial single-year Certificate course a further two-years were added giving the students a Diploma in Jungian Psychotherapy. These extra two years gave students the opportunity to explore the depths of the unconscious and develop their skills in dream interpretation. Graduates have gone on to study at the post-graduate Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex under Professor Andrew Samuels and the Research and Training Centre for Depth Psychology, Zurich, founded by Marie-Louise von Franz.

Over the years Jasbinder continued her studies with her guru Professor B.B. Chaubey, former Director of the Sadhu Ashram (the Vedic Studies Department of the Punjab University) and eminent Sanskrit scholar. This has led, since 2013, to the development of the Advanced Diploma in Consciousness Studies which is now recognized as a degree course by the Vedic Research and Studies Institute which was founded by Professor B.B. Chaubey. This is particularly significant as Jung based his psychology of individuation on the Vedic path of realization.

Since its foundation the Jung Centre is pleased to have graduated between ten and fifteen students each year. The students have come from a wide variety of backgrounds – nurses, doctors, therapists, religious orders, media professionals, teachers, social workers, mothers, home-makers, artists, business executives, engineers, academics, solicitors etc. And all of them have been exceptional individuals with the courage and ability to question collective assumptions and contribute greatly to society by forging new values for their time.

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