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JuniorDev Code & Tell - Tech Talk Night

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67 Queen Street (Side Entrance) · Melbourne

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The side basement entrance on Queen Street, just off the corner.

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Summer and 2019 are here and JuniorDev is finally back to help you cool off with our super cool sponsor and host Zendesk. We will be hosting the usual tech and career talks with pizza, good times, and a healthy dose of learning.

We have an amazing bunch of speakers for January so watch this space! 👀


Aaron Job

Talk: D is for Dependency Inversion

Aaron began programming professionally over 13 years ago, but it was not until 2013 that he realised that he was somewhat of a hack. The talk will be about Dependency Inversion one of the five SOLID principles of object-oriented design, and its foundation In his opinion. He wants to introduce you to SOLID as he believes it helped him become less of a hack.

It all started at age 10 with an Amstrad 80386SX and a book. That book Computer Space-games made no sense to that 10-year-old but it kicked started an obsession with programming. Nowadays he is a Specialist Manager at Deloitte Digital where he builds websites and applications for large clients. Currently, he is overseeing the building a set of white-labelled applications for a Government agency. In his spare time, he blogs about different programming subjects and builds lots of APIs, off the computer he is an avid maintainer of an aquaponic system.

Selena Small

Talk: Breaking Builds & Breaking Bones

Whether your endeavor is to become a software engineer or a professional kickboxer, you’ll be faced with a number of obstacles and challenges. Having never opened a terminal or thrown a punch before, I’ll share how I overcame some of the biggest hurdles of my life in the pursuit of changing career paths into software development and of becoming a Nak Muay Ying (female Muay Thai boxer).

Bio: I am a full-stack software developer at Fresho! in Melbourne. Two and a half years ago, I was running a restaurant, teaching myself to write code and learning how to throw the perfect punch. Life is a balance of being active, being competitive and writing beautiful code

Amir Moghimi

Talk: Why you need an S-Curve career path

As you progress through your professional career, you will face challenging questions, such as "should I leave my current company or stay here for a few more years?" or "should I change my area of focus from development to this new thing called devops?" In my short talk, I try to give you a frame of mind so that you can find good answers to these questions in order to achieve your best potential without a lot of trial and error.

Bio: Amir is an experienced software engineer and team builder who is currently CTO of Ellenex, a startup in IoT. He is passionate about design, development and operations of highly scalable software systems based on microservices in the cloud. He is also a part-time husband and father who enjoys spending time with his family when work allows.