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JuniorDevSG Code and Tell - July 2018

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JuniorDev Code & Tell - A Night of Technical Talks & Coding

1) Li Hongyi
Topic: " from Prototype to Production"

Learn how we launched, all the way from the initial prototypes to the final production deployment. We walk through the various stages of app development, while taking dives into some of the product, engineering, and even bureaucratic design decisions we made along the way.

About Hongyi:
Hongyi leads a team of engineers, designers, and product managers who build technology for the public good. Projects they work on include – an app to replace parking coupons, and – the government’s open data repository. He believes in working on real problems, building for the user, and pushing for change.

Prior to joining the government, Hongyi worked at Google on the distributed databases and image search teams. He previously attended MIT where he obtained degrees in computer science and economics. In his free time he works on personal projects like and

2) Sophie Yang
Topic: "Frontend Dependency Tracing for HTTP/2 Server Push"

I built a tool for faster static web loading. This tool parses through html, css, and js files and writes detected dependencies in a resource manifest. This resource manifest help us to benefit from new exciting technology called HTTP/2 Server Push. I will share the tools I used and the concepts (i.e. Abstract Syntax Tree) I learned from this journey.

About Sophie Yang:
"I am a 6 months old baby coder. I am in love with and am contributing to the free and open source project called Commons Host."

3) Ying Ka Ho
Topic: "Book Talk: The Clean Coder: A code of conduct for professional programmers by Robert C. Martin"

What is the first book to read on the first day as a Developer? A developer has recommended that a book by Uncle Bob called "The Clean Coder" should be the book to be read by new developers, but is it necessary?
In this book talk I give a review of the book called "The Clean Coder" by Robert C. Martin with respect to the structure of the book and the contents in it.

About Ka Ho:
I've been a software engineer for at least four years programming in C# and Java. Having acquired knowledge in machine learning, I'm in the process of transition to the field of Data Science, driven by my fundamental strength in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing. The truth is, if you know how things go about in Data Science, you can technically make Data Science and Engineering go together.

4) Yap Hong Kheng
Topic: "Reflections of a rojak developer: A Retrospective"

Hong Kheng will share about her learning journey as a developer who has the chance to touch on different platforms and technologies over the years. And how learning these technologies has helped her to see things in different perspective and how it has helped her in learning how to grow as a developer.

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