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JuniorDevSG Social - October 2018

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Credit Suisse Wealth Institute, Level 2, One Raffles Link

Are you a Junior Developer or newbie in the Tech industry? Do you sometimes feel anxious about work or question your own abilities? Are you excited to be starting your career and want to celebrate your accomplishments with others? You are not alone!

With this Meetup group we hope to create a home for all things JuniorDev.

We will be hosting a bi-monthly get-together known as the JuniorDev Social. Here we socialise and connect with our fellow Juniors to swap stories and share wins or disastrous fails (yup, those are normal) all while enjoying some food and drink provided by our generous sponsors.

In the months that we’re not socialising we'll be coding! Every alternate month will see the JuniorDev Hack Night. Bring your laptops, questions and be ready to work on side hustles, tutorials, walkthroughs… or whatevs - we’ll have mentors on hand to help out.


This will be our 5th JuniorDev Social! Come and network with the community and meet some new friends.

How's your journey, ${AWESOME_DEV}?

This month we will be hearing from 2 senior developers who have leveraged their tech skills in different ways.

1) Oliver Chen
Topic: Quick primer on Data Science

What developer skills are transferrable to data science? A data scientist is commonly described as a blend of hacking skills, math and stats knowledge and subject matter expertise. We'll discuss typical approaches to coding among practicing data scientists and what benefits can be gained by taking a more disciplined approach.

About the speaker:
Oliver is a recovering academic and is currently a partner at TRA, a small Singapore based data science consultancy that works with a global consumer electronics manufacturer in South East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. He was also a founding chapter lead of DataKind Singapore, a non-profit that brings pro bono data science volunteers together with social impact organisations (

2) Ann Luo, Coding Girls Singapore (
Topic: From non-techies to landing a job in tech

CodingGirls is a singapore registered non-profit organization
- The introductory platform for ladies from all walks of life to connect and learn more about the tech field.
- The only local initiative which strives to eliminate/lower barriers to entry for ladies who have no/little knowledge in technology but are interested to hone their tech skills.
- A welcoming community for ladies who shy away from tech because of gender bias in the field

Prepare your questions!


Venue & Food sponsored by Credit Suisse

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