JuniorDevSG Code and Tell - Jan 2020

Junior Developers Singapore
Junior Developers Singapore
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90 Seconds HQ

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Wait to be escorted up at the gantry on level 1.

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90 Seconds HQ
158 Cecil St · Singapore

JuniorDev Code & Tell - A Night of Technical Talks & Coding

1) Yeo Kheng Meng
Title: Lessons from coding a old-new app: Slack for Win 3.1

I built a Win 3.1 app during a company hackathon.

Without the benefit of modern libraries and languages, I had to read up and take care of many low level details, socket programming, HTTP, JSON parsing, UI design in code all under tight memory constraints. Nevertheless, it was a terrific lesson in understanding how things work under the hood.

I'll share my learnings and process for how an old-new app can be created with the aid of modern tools and hindsight of old technologies. And perhaps what lessons can it offer us today.


It was Number 1 on Hacker news for a few hours! :)

I work as an IoT Engineer as SP Digital in the day. Outside of work, I like to repair things and fly private planes for fun. Occasionally, I dabble with retrocomputing stuff.


2) Ong Chin Hwee
Title: Exploring Seasonal Insights from Singapore Weather Station Data

Most of the world experience the four seasons, but how many seasons does a tropical country like Singapore have? We can get such insights from publicly-available weather data; however, we need to write scripts to make API requests for retrieving the data needed for analysis.

In this talk, I will be sharing about my approach in scraping Singapore weather station data from Data.gov.sg APIs for a user-defined time period. With the extracted data, I will also be using a data-driven approach to investigate the weather trends and seasons over the past few years, and explore how these insights could help us in predicting future weather trends.


Ong Chin Hwee is a data engineer, aspiring polymath and Industry 4.0 enthusiast who happens to be interested in things that fly (and stuff that burn to keep things flying). One of Chin Hwee's latest projects involves contributing to the documentation for pandas, an open-source Python library that is immensely useful for anything related to data.


3) Caleb Yang
Title: Lighthouse techniques for debugging web

Web Frontend Developer doing freelance work. Had experience with C#, javascript, html, css and a bit of java in work stints at Tata Consultancy Services, Bookmyshow and Kee Link. Currently looking for a frontend developer role.


4) Peh Yu Han
Title: My Journey Into Tech

I’ll share my personal journey into tech - the motivations, considerations and challenges along the way.

I work as a software engineer in Sephora SEA. During my free time, i enjoy swimming and shopping :)


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