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Are you a Junior Developer or newbie in the Tech industry? Are you excited to be starting your career and want to celebrate your accomplishments with others? Maybe you sometimes feel anxious about work or question your own abilities? You are not alone!

JuniorDev Community is a home for all things JuniorDev, where we will connect you with not only your peers, but also industry experts, and experienced developers. We'll have people share their stories, their failures, and there will be plenty of fun times!

We'll be hosting regular meetups in all sorts of formats: lightning talks, social networking, and technical workshops.

As a chapter of the global JuniorDev family, we also have links to the Auckland, Melbourne, Perth, and Singapore chapters!

Join the conversation on Slack http://juniordevcommunity.herokuapp.com/

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Remember to respect our Code of Conduct during all JuniorDev interactions. This is a safe and inclusive space for everyone! Have a read of it here:

https://www.meetup.com/JuniorDevWellington/... (https://www.meetup.com/JuniorDevWellington/pages/26837897/Code_of_Conduct/)

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Faking the Native App, and A Guide to the Internet

Xero HQ

Kickoff, Networking and Mobile Development

Flux Federation

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