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Junior UX Crunch

To join the senior UX Crunch please head to https://www.meetup.com/UXcrunch

For more information visit https://techcircus.io/past_events/the-junior-ux-crunch/

Below is the information regarding the physical UX Crunch meetup. Currently we are hosting all of our UX Crunch events ONLINE via the platform www.techcircustv.com (http://www.techcircustv.com/)

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The UX Crunch is London’s largest user experience networking events company. User experience is one of the hottest debatable subjects within the digital world at the moment, with networking and learning key for UX professionals who are keen to develop their careers. In a contract-heavy market, it’s always great to network with hiring managers and meet potential connections that could help you secure your next contract. We approach our networking events in a unique way by hosting our events at various venues around London, showcasing the workplaces of some of the top user experience companies. By always including a stellar line up of industry experts with new and exciting topics of discussion, we aim to create a new phenomenon within digital networking; making cutting edge events and opening up possibilities of collaboration within the UX community.

Our Junior UX Crunch events offer the same top-notch industry insight but with a lower price point to encourage younger UX designers to get involved and see what the UX Crunch has to offer.

Our events often offer free drinks and food as well as some of the most inspirational user experience guest speakers in the industry. We welcome people who are looking to get in UX and find out more about the area. Recruiters and hiring managers are also welcome and we encourage jobs and opportunity networking in an ever-changing and evolving industry.

Host an event

We are always looking for major companies to host events. Hosting is free, however you will be expected to provide food and drink for the attendees as well as a space large enough to hold more than 60 people.

Hosting an event is a great way of getting exposure to a huge user experience audience. This helps promote your brand name, encourages people to join your organisation and gives you a great way of promoting to your clients/customers. Those hosting the UX Crunch can promote the event on their social media platforms to demonstrate support for the UX community and you take pride in your website’s usability. For more information, contact info@digitalshowcase.co.uk

Sponsor UX Crunch

UX Crunch is Europe’s largest monthly UX meet-up with hundreds of user experience professionals attending each month, Why not become a partner and be seen by over 3000 UX attendees across networking events throughout the year. We are looking for three sponsors for 2016 to partner us in our events.

Why Sponsor us?

 Generate new leads

 Build brand presence and raise profile in the UX community

 Forge strategic partnerships and joint ventures

 Support the UX community

 Network with industry people

 Use us in your sales pitches to client’s, candidates and via your marketing info

What you will get as part of the package:

 Overall sponsorship of the event, with a particular focus on keynote sessions.

 Branding throughout pre-publicity across all communications channels (website and email communications), plus high visibility during the event in networking areas, event screens, agenda, attendee packs.

 Recognition at opening and closing of each event by presenter.

 Advertise your brand within the event using banners

 Have your name included on our website and meet-up groups

 Have you name printed on all our name badges

 Post jobs on our UX Crunch website

 Gain free sponsor tickets to all our events and offer them to your staff, candidates and clients

Check out our new virtual, online conferences The BAD Conference & the eCommerce Design Summit!
The BAD (Behaviour & Design) Conference is a full day of live-streamed talks on UX Psychology: https://thebadconference.com (https://thebadconference.com/)
The eCommerce Design Summit is a full day of live-streamed talks on UX in Digital Commerce across Retail, Travel & Leisure: https://ecommercedesignsummit.com/london

Upcoming events (4+)

UX Crunch at Home: Empathy & Mental Health in UX

Needs a location

In alignment with World Mental Health Day, we'd like to use this 'UX Crunch at Home' to look at how great UX can help those suffering with their mental health and how the pressures of the industry can impact the UXer themselves.

It's clear that those within the UX field have a special interest in people and will often utilise their personal empathetic skills within their practice as means of improving their research or product. By consistently putting yourself in your user's shoes, you're bound to make improvements to your work- but how can this impact a designer's own thoughts and feelings? And how can a designer incorporate empathy into their design process whilst remaining unbiased? It's really important to incorporate thoughtfulness into your practice, but constantly second-guessing your work can be detrimental to what you produce and your health.

Mental health is something that we've become so much more understanding and appreciative of within the last few years or so, and with this newfound knowledge and acceptance has surfaced thousands of apps that offer support and stabilisation to anyone who feels they may need it.
For this event, we'll be joined by some fantastic thought leaders who'll help us unpack what these holistic apps offer and whether or not they're a groundbreaking staple of modernity or just a part of a current trend. We'll also be looking at some of the services that have been designed and used for those struggling with specific mental health issues and how technology and innovation can be used to assist with the care of those people.

Get your tickets here - https://www.techcircus.io/empathyandmentalhealth


Clare Purvis - Director, Behavioural Science at Headspace
Sonia Byun - BigHealth
Louis Elfman - Head of Design, Cerebral
Thorsten Jonas - UX Consultant


Tickets are FREE, and you can watch the recorded even if you miss the live stream.


Sketch X Tech Circus - Can data and ethics live together?

Can data and ethics live together?
Building a product as a designer is challenging on its own. But what happens when you put ethics, privacy, and data into the play?
What is the extent of asking and storing data and is it possible to build a feature fully transparent and respectful of private information? Using Sketch's real-time collaboration feature as a case to prove that it can be a reality after all.


Matteo Gratton, Design Advocate, Sketch
Matteo is a Design Advocate at Sketch, after being VP, Experience Designer at Barclays Corporate Banking, and heading Design at Midas Consoles (Music Tribe) for 4 years. Matteo has a passion for technology and the arts, in particular music, visual arts, and literature.
He's been very interested in and working on Design Systems and has been motivated to search for new and better ways to design and develop IT projects – focusing on B2B, enterprise, and very specialized professional projects – for a while.
Matteo likes to define himself as an agnostic designer. Hates big words but has to use them as keeping everyone on the same page is key.

Tech Circus is proudly partnered with Sketch

Sketch is more than a Mac app, it's a home for the entire creative process.
Over a million people — from freelancers to the world’s most successful teams — use Sketch to create their best work, every day. Our co-founders started Sketch back in 2010 because they believed designers deserved better tools — and that focus hasn’t changed. Today, we’re a fully-featured design platform that combines our award-winning, native Mac app with powerful browser-based collaboration tools.

Check out Sketch's website for more info: https://www.sketch.com/


Tickets are FREE, and you can watch the recorded even if you miss the live stream.

Get your tickets here -


Business X Design Conference 2021

Online event

Welcome to the first edition of Business X Design Conference!

The nature of this event is to amplify the impact of design as a core capability of business, and design’s responsibility to demonstrate its contribution to both business and human outcomes.
Over three days, we will follow the evolving business maturity of the designer, as they move from senior practitioner through to leader and how it changes the expectations of the role.
The conference will conclude with a workshop day where, together with industry leaders, you will apply practical business frameworks to your business settings.

Day 1
Introducing business frameworks to start amplifying the potential of their design skills within the business setting. This track is for Design practitioners who have technical design skills but wish to develop practical business frameworks and soft skills which help them present their designs confidently in a business context.

Day 2
This day will welcome team Directors/Leads/Heads of/managers to share stories of their personal success in leveraging business skills to amplify Design’s impact: ‘hacking’ business strategies, sharing the design mindset within other disciplines (sales/engineering etc) and understanding how to plan with and lead your team in this context.

Day 3
Dedicated to redefining what it means to “scale design”, we want to move away from a discussion of ‘scaling teams’ and instead, focus on how we scale the value of design to the business. This day will be aimed at senior design leaders sharing what it means to be a business executive, who is accountable for a design capability and helping their organisations mature how they leverage design.

General Release Tickets are now available here https://businessxdesign.io

Tech Circus Meets: Vinted

Online event

Join us this November 3rd for a meetup with the team of Vinted, the largest C2C marketplace in Europe dedicated to second-hand fashion.

Vinted Director of Product Diana Tokarska will give a talk on how Categories domain works at Vinted, what challenges the teams face and what’s exciting about the domain’s future.

This will give you a clearer understanding of how our day-to-day Product Management, Design, Data Science, and Data Analytics operations are conducted.

We‘ll discuss what it‘s like to work at Vinted, what drives the team forward, how it makes it unique and a great place to be.


Diana Tokarska, Director of Product: Categories, Vinted
Beyond the MVP mindset: dealing with ambiguity in product work
Validating ideas and product direction in rapidly growing companies poses challenges that may not always be solved with a cookie-cutter MVP approach. Diana will walk you through useful frameworks for thinking about solution validation and de-risking delivery in hyper growth businesses.

Marcus Schaefer, Product Design Director, Vinted
Designing with data
Having researchers, data professionals and strategists embedded in cross-functional product teams provides unique opportunities for product designers at Vinted. Marcus will talk about how leveraging insights about our members and business enables design to make informed decisions, quickly.

Deividas Celencevičius, Product Manager, Vinted
Ina Semionova, Product Designer, Vinted
Tim Kächele, Backend Software Engineer, Vinted
Culture at Vinted
Vinted, the largest C2C fashion platform in the world, has been growing successfully over the past few years - expanding into new markets, growing its team. How is Vinted‘s culture different before hyper-growth and now? What is Vinted doing to keep it, share it between teams, onboard new people? Join Deividas along with his colleagues, member of the Design team Ina and software engineer Tim, in a panel discussion where you can learn all about Vinted’s way of maintaining a strong culture.

Get your ticket here - https://www.techcircus.io/techcircusmeetsvinted


UX Crunch at Home is proudly sponsored by:


Vinted are hiring!
If you'd like to check out their open roles, click the link below:

Vinted is the largest online C2C marketplace in Europe dedicated to second-hand fashion, with a growing community of 45+ million users spanning 15 markets. On a mission to make second-hand the first choice worldwide, Vinted helps members sell and buy second-hand clothes and accessories from each other, making shopping a mobile and social experience through one-on-one member interactions in its community.
Contact Daina Aleksandravičienė to find out more about Vinted and their job roles: [masked]

Tickets are FREE, and you can watch the recorded even if you miss the live stream.


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