UX Crunch - Transforming Healthcare


UX has penetrated practically every industry and when it comes to our health, it has never been more important! We hear all the time about the huge strains our NHS are under, so how can technology mediate or entirely innovate on this?

On the 22nd August, we will be meeting with some of the designers who are changing the way we approach healthcare, leading the future of how we approach our health services.


Diana Mundo - Senior UX Designer @ SapientRazorfish

Stephen Bourke - CXO & Co-Founder & Thomas Frew - Product Designer @ ECHO

Dr. Claire Novorol - Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer @ Ada Health & Nick Pleydell-Pearce, Director of Product Design @ Albion.co

Tim Allan - Lead Design, Urgent and Emergency Care @ NHS Digital

Dr Gyles Morrison - DISCUSSION Facilitator



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Tuesday 22nd August 2017 @ The Trampery (239 Old St, EC1V 9EY)

When we aren't well, we want to be better as quickly as possible. Hospital and GP waiting times take forever and we hear every day in the media about how under-staffed and over-used our NHS is. So what is the answer?

There is no quick-fix answer to remedying our public health service, however advances in technology and increased pressure to hold the patient and care-giver at the heart of the process, have led to new ways of approaching our health services. Society is continually adapting to technological advances and one facet of this are the advances in HealthTech.

Through designing new services, the experiences we have are changing and on the 22nd August, we will be joining up with some of the industry’s top designers, to explore their experiences, looking at what they are doing to innovate on our Heathcare system. We have an action-packed evening to talks for you, so come on down!

Speakers will include SapientRazorfish's Diana Mundo, who will be sharing some of her personal experiences as an in-patient, applying principles of Service and Product Design to explain the current issues she has found in her own experiences, outlining her proposed solutions. Following Diana will be Stephen Bourke and Thomas Frew of Echo, who will discuss the differences in HealthTech and some of the experiences the team at Echo have had designing a new product for the Healthcare market.

Before we break for some food and drinks, we will hear from Dr Claire Novorol of Ada Health and Director of Product, Nick Pleydell-Pearce from Ada's agency partner Albion, sharing how they transformed a sophisticated medical diagnosis support technology into a friendly, credible user experience that would resonate with both patients and the medical community.

Following an interval (with pizza, refreshments and some relaxed networking), we will be joined by Tim Allan of the NHS Digital team, who was an instrumental part of the small team that launched NHS.UK. Currently responsible for the development of 111-online for the urgent and emergency care services, Tim will talk us through his experiences working within the NHS and the challenges his team have faced in designing a new product for the health industry.

Post our talks, we will be sitting down with our speakers and Dr Gyles Morrison, the founder of the Clinical UX Association, to discuss the themes further and the future of the Healthcare industry more broadly. This will be a really valuable session, so please stay and join the conversation!

With space for up to 250, we would like to invite you straight from work for 6.30pm, to unwind with other UX and creative professionals at The Trampery's amazing space in Old Street. We will be networking from 6.30pm and talks will begin at 7.00pm sharp, as we have a lot of talks. With food and drinks to boot, you are in for some excellent insights, so please book now to avoid disappointment.

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6.30pm – 6.50pm – Doors Open – Networking, Drinks & Food

7.00pm – 9.30pm - Talks & Panel Q&A (with Interval)

9.30 – 10.00pm - Final Networking & Drinks



Re-Imagining the Patient Experience

Diana Mundo - Senior UX Designer @SapientRazorfish

With the emergence of new technologies and services, patients now expect to receive the same quality of experiences as they do in other aspects of their lives. However, some of the obstacles the healthcare industry faces, from an integration and design point of view, make the patient experience a painful one, interfering with the recovery instead of facilitating it.

Diana will talk about the experience design gaps found in the in-patient journey, based on her own personal experiences. She will focus on the analysis from a product and service design point of view, to identify the current issues and will propose ideas on how to use a user-centred design approach to fill the gaps.

Diana is an experience designer passionate about technology, gadgets, music, and castles. She has worked in a variety of industries - financial services, music, retail - and roles - UX designer, researcher, creative technologist -, both in-house and as a consultant. Originally from Colombia, Diana studied interactive media design and has a master in cognitive systems and interactive media.

HealthTech is different. Hard-earned advice for designers, product managers and founders.

Stephen Bourke - CXO and Co-Founder & Thomas Frew - Product Designer @ Echo

'Move fast and break things’ is fine if you are selling widgets, but managing patient health requires a different mentality. In this talk, Echo’s CXO discusses what makes HealthTech different, what Echo has learned so far and why collaboration is more important than disruption.

Stephen Bourke is co-founder and CXO of Echo, an app for managing NHS repeat medication. Previously General Manager at LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, his art teacher persuaded him to give up graphic design at an early age but he stills likes to muck about on Illustrator.

From Research Lab to Global Health Companion and Clinical Descision Support Tool

Dr. Claire Novorol - Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer @ Ada Health & Nick Pleydell-Pearce, Director of Product Design @ Albion.co

Healthcare has reached a tipping point. Populations, life expectancy and chronic disease are on the rise, yet 1 billion people around the world can’t afford healthcare and 20% of patients go misdiagnosed each year. And with just 8 minutes for the average primary care consultation, doctors are time-poor, yet under increasing pressure to deliver ever more complex care to a population whose expectations and demand for earlier pre-visit health support is rising.

To tackle some of these challenges, Ada set forth with a bold vision: to transform how billions of people around the world access and experience healthcare by developing a personal, intuitive tool that would empower both doctors and patients with earlier, personalised medical information and decision support.

How? In this talk, Claire and Nick will talk about how Ada transformed it's sophisticated medical diagnosis support technology into a friendly, credible user experience that would resonate with both patients and the medical community.

Claire worked as a Paediatrician in London before specialising in Clinical Genetics. She has degrees in Pathology and Medicine, as well as a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. At Ada, Claire is responsible for overseeing medical affairs and for working with clinicians and patients to ensure Ada's products are tailored to their needs. In addition to Claire's work with Ada, she remains involved with Doctopreneurs - a community for innovative medical professionals who share an interest in tech start-ups, which she helped start several years ago.

Nick has spent the last 17 years developing user experiences with brands. At Albion, he leads a multidisciplinary tea, covering user experience, usability testing, design and development. Previously, Nick was associate Experience Director at Huge, and Head of UX at Razorfish and has worked with a large number of well-known brands across a variety of sectors.


Many users, many stockholders - Product and UX challenges in Urgent and Emergency care.

Tim Allan - Lead Design, Urgent and Emergency Care @ NHS Digital

111-online is the urgent and emergency care service that connects people to the right health service.

The product challenges range from user efficacy and clinical safety, to capacity management. There are many stakeholders. Health seekers want to get to the service they need. Clinicians (doctors) need to make sure that red flags are not missed. GP’s and A&E departments complain about inappropriate visits.

With this in mind, the UX challenges are huge!

In effect, the NHS are giving someone the tool that a trained 111 triage operator uses to self-triage. So how do they get users to be effective, first time, in periods of high stress? How can they quickly and safely get someone to the right service?

Length of journey, demystifying medical content, safety. All these things play a part in making the service as effective as possible. The NHS's design & research methods are what drive the continual evolution of the product. Currently in private Beta in one area of the North, the NHS are looking at a national roll-out later in year.

Tim was part of the original 2016/2017 NHS.UK team looking at transforming digital health and care. His involvement spanned the alpha and beta, where he started the systems design approach to building consistent digital health products across the NHS.UK domain.

Tim is currently doing a Masters in Research at the RCA, looking at improving transition (the move from paediatric to adult care) for people with Type 1 diabetes.

Previous to that Tim freelanced, doing digital product design for the BBC, BBC Radio and Internal Tools.

Tim also has a small side business making kids games, focused on Phonics learning for key stage 1.

Panel Discussion and Q&A, with:

Dr Gyles Morrison - Clinical UX Specialist

Gyles studied at Bart’s & the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, graduating in 2011. After three years of clinical practice, he now works as a Clinical UX Specialist where he improves the experiences people have with healthcare technology and services. He has specialist skills in user research, iterative design and high fidelity prototyping.

In October 2016, Gyles founded the Clinical UX Association (CUXA) to raise the profile of usability and accessibility in healthcare. The CUXA is the world’s leading authority on healthcare UX and is a global community of clinicians, UX specialists and IT professionals.


Final Note