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This is a group for anyone who loves to explore waterways. The trips will be geared towards small watercraft enthusiasts who like to paddle kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. We will be doing day and weekend trips in AZ, UT, and CA. All skill levels are welcome, though some trips may be limited to more advanced paddlers. I started this group to meet other paddlers. Looking forward to exploring new and familiar places with everybody.

If you are interested in other paddle groups in the area, you should also review Kayak Arizona - We luv to yak, Paddle Arizona, and Desert Mountain Paddlers. All have great activities and are united in growing and promoting the paddle community.

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Dairy Springs Campout - Pending COVID conditions

Online event

Camping and Kayaking up in Flagstaff. We will be camping hopefully at Dairy Springs Campground up by Mormon Lake if COVID conditions resolve themselves and we are able to book campgrounds online again. The idea is to kayak Lake Mary Saturday morning, have a potluck Saturday night and do a bicycle trip on the road Sunday morning. So at this point, all we can do is save the date! I will provide updates later. :)

Kayaking Down the Lower Gunnison River - Pending Covid Conditions

Lower Gunnison River Trip: 3 day river kayaking trip on the Gunnison River in Colorado with no whitewater. I will only be taking people who have river-camped with me before or who have considerable experience kayak-camping. No inflatables, please. Life jackets are required to be worn at all times on the water, and no alcohol until we reach camp that day. The river is dam-controlled water, so is fairly predictable. We will put in at Confluence Park and take out at Whitewater. You must be able to load all your equipment into your kayak using dry bags and camp alongside the river. We will be paddling about 13 miles a day on relatively flat water. There will be a stop at Dominguez Canyon to hike. It is summer, and the average temperature in this region is 90 degrees Farenheit. Be prepared to kayak in the heat and to take frequent breaks to go swimming and hiking. The idea is to drive up on a Wednesday, camp overnight At Valley Sunset Ranch, and leave early the next morning. We will do the shuttle Wednesday evening. Three days on the river, and the last night at a hotel. Drive home Sunday. The drive each way is about 9.5 hours. Our camping options are twelve public camping areas that dot the banks, clearly marked with blue-painted 4x4-inch posts. (Note that they’re not all shown on maps.) No permits are necessary, and it’s usually fairly easy to find a spot. The exception is at the mouth of Dominguez Canyon, which has a cluster of four sites and is a popular place for a layover day. What to pack: 1) Lots of water 2) Hat 3) Stay covered from head to toe to avoid heat stroke and stay wet 4) Groover 5) Fire Pan 6) Food for 3 nights on the river 7) Camping gear 8) Cold Beverages 9) First Aid kit and emergency blanket 10) Hiking shoes 11) Water shoes 12) Chair

Lee's Ferry - Overnight Campout and Paddle

Lees Ferry Campground

Paddle the Colorado River: Paddle from Glenn Canyon Dam to Lee's Ferry. It is about 15 river miles. We will be camping overnight on the river at Swale Ferry. There are dry toilets there and no potable water. I am only taking people who have camped on the river with me before this, unless you have a lot of experience kayak-camping. Life jackets are mandatory, and no drinking please, while on the river. At the campsite is fine (You can bring extra to share!). No inflatable kayaks. We will camp Friday night at the Lee's Ferry Campground. You have to have an America the Beautiful pass or purchase your pass on the way in to the park. An opportunity to hike at points along the river exists, so bring water shoes or hiking shoes that will permit this. There will be 3 shifts of 7 people being shuttled up the river. The shifts leave at 7 am, 8:30, and 10 am. Our outfitter is charging $75 cash at the launch site. I will post the schedule in the comments and you need to put your name on the schedule and then post it in the comments. Things to bring: 1) DRY BAGS - This is a must! 2) Chair 3) Food for Saturday night on the river 4) Hat 5) Camping gear 6) Temperatures can drop to freezing at night, so bring warm clothes 7) Hiking shoes 8) Firewood Hope to see you there!

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