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Dear members of JDB2J

It is Bosco. I'm a Jazz guitarist and teach jazz guitar.

I'll present a jazz blues clinic on March 1st, 2013 at Skeeter's house from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. This clinic is mainly designed for guitarist and is instructional based. You will receive a lot of jazz materials that strengthen your guitar techniques and enrich your experiences in jamming with others.

There are two components in this clinic: (a) you receive instruction and learn how to play standard jazz and jazz blues and (b) you jam with other members. In other words, you learn jazz techniques and apply them in the jazz jam session. Although the clinic is officially ended at 9pm, if you would like to stay a little longer until 1am, please double check with Skeeter.

We will meet twice a month and learn the following topics:
1) the distinction between jazz blues and 12 bar blues
2) Jazz beat vs rock beat, (AKA swing beat vs straight beat)
3) Jazz Melodic minor scale and its application to Jazz blues
4) ways to conceptualize the guitar fretboard from the CAGED system by Joe Pass
5) Using Drop2 and Drop3 to play Chord-Melody
6) Dorian scale in 12 Bar blues.
7) how to improvise from your favorite motif
8) Chord Substitutions (e.g., use tritone to sub for A7)
9) Bebop scale and its application to jazz blues.
10) Theory of Harmonization

Please bring your acoustic guitar with you.

The cost for this clinic is $15 which includes two and a half hour jazz instruction, printed materials, and the regular $5 admission fee. The size of this clinic is limited to 8 members.