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This group is for anyone that likes, loves or is infatuated with getting outside and doing stuff. Our meet up is geared to teach you a thing or two about the outdoors through outdoor oriented seminars and other fun little events. Let's just say, if it's outdoorsy, we will probably be wanting to educate you about it.

We had been a commercial guide service for 12 years (since 2006), with experience in guiding backpacking and hiking trips in Arizona and California - not to mention one of us is an AZ native - we tell you this because somehow there still are not many of us - that's what we keep hearing anyway! We want to be your source for information and a means to network with like minded individuals that want to learn a thing or two and get out - whether hiking for a couple hours or backpacking the PCT!

We are a locally owned outdoor gear store in Scottsdale. While we are a commercial business that would love for you to shop for your outdoor gear needs from us or another local company and not online, or a chain, you are not obligated to do so. But, you should feel utter shame for using us for your info and then shopping Amazon. That'll just result in us not being around for information, and Amazon ain't gonna give it to you:)

We are sharing with you information from years of outdoor experience, leading 1000s of people on backpacking and hiking trips all over Arizona, Yosemite and Olympic. Information we share does belong to Just Roughin' It and we ask that any information we disseminate is never shared. We have put a lot of time and effort into our seminars so please do not expect us to provide you this information other than at these seminars. We don't want to be jerks about it.

While we do not always put a cap on our attendance, we do set up our seminars with an anticipated number of people.

Therefore, we do have some RSVP rules

Honor your RSVP. We get it - things come up but changing your RSVP last minute does none of us any good - especially if you do it all the time! Please cancel no less than 48 hours in advance of the event.
If you really are not planning on attending, don't RSVP at all. We have guest speakers and it is better for us to have a more accurate count even a week or so in advance. If you RSVP for everything with every intention to NOT show up, we are providing false expectations for our guest speakers. And honestly, it gets a bit annoying seeing the same people RVSPed knowing they are just going to cancel anyway.

Excessive "no shows" or last minute cancellations may get you kicked out of the MeetUp.

And finally, any information we provide is simply that. We are not liable for anyone getting injured, lost, maimed, or dead. You are responsible for researching further, understanding your limitations, mapping out routes, carrying proper equipment, hiking within your level, knowing the weather, climate and terrain, etc. In other words, if we tell you a couple cool hikes you should try, you are responsible for getting a map and book, GPS coordinates, apps and whatever else you need to make sure you have ALL the details.

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