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This group is for anyone that likes, loves or is infatuated with getting outside and doing stuff. Our meet up is geared to teach you a thing or two about the outdoors through hiking, backpacking, seminars, or other fun (sometimes odd) little events. Let's just say, if it's outdoorsy, we will probably be doing it. And sometimes, we might just get a little crazy, like some fun themed hikes!

We have been a commercial guide service for 12 years, with experience in guiding backpacking and hiking trips in Arizona and California - not to mention one of us is an AZ native - we tell you this because somehow there still are not many of us - that's what we keep hearing anyway! We want to be your source for information and a means to network with like minded individuals that want to learn a thing or two and get out - whether hiking for a couple hours or hanging out for a weekend at Coachella.

If you just need some quick guidance or advice, we do have an outdoor gear store in Scottsdale where all members will receive a 10% discount on regularly priced items*, so you are more than welcome to stop by during business hours as well. AND, we have an online store - www.justroughinit.com/store. Enter the code JRIMEETUPROCKS for 10% off your purchase. Shipping is free with purchases of $99 or more. Yeah!

*Restrictions may apply.

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Hiking Trails in Grand Canyon that are NOT Touristy

Just Roughin' It Adventure Company

Some of you requested a seminar about hikes in Grand Canyon that are NOT Rim to Rim (or on what are called the Corridor Trails). Here it is so you all better show up:) We will discuss some of the best trails for day hiking and backpacking that are more off-the-beaten-path so you will see fewer people and have some added challenges to the trip as well. We will also discuss what to expect as far as challenges, season and permitting to help you pick the right trail for you. This is a free event.

Preparing for Your Havasupai Backpacking Trip.

Just Roughin' It Adventure Company

Congratulations! You were able to secure an ever coveted Havasupai camping reservation - but now what? If you have never been to Havasupai nor backpacked in the desert (nor ever backpacked) before, this is the seminar for you! Even if you have been to Havasupai before, but it has been several years, you might want to get some tips on what to expect. A lot has changed in the area due to flooding, controversy and social media - not to mention you are hiking through a village of 450 residents that call this beautiful area home - so it can't hurt to get some tips on making this a memorable trip, while showing the utmost respect for the area. This is a free event!

Let's Talk Nutrition for the Outdoor Athlete (or enthusiast).

Just Roughin' It Adventure Company

Let's learn how what you eat affects your performance! Debbie Hendricks has almost 20 years experience in the fitness industry, training athletes and weekend warriors alike and currently teaches Exercise Science at Mesa Community College. Anyway, she is going to discuss how to make the best choices for your active lifestyle to make sure you are at your best - especially when out in the backcountry because when you are not properly fueled, you are not in a place for an easy rescue. In other words, "hitting the wall" in the middle of nowhere is not ideal. We will get sciencey about how carbs, protein and fats work, what is best for your outing and what is best for recovery. But we don't like to just tell you what. We are all about the WHY. This is not a seminar about diets, what exactly to eat, etc. This is about the basics of food and how it affects performance. This is a free seminar and we promise it will be way more exciting than is sounds because science is fun!

Used Backpacking Gear Sale!

Just Roughin' It Adventure Company

You need backpacking gear - we've got it! We are selling our used gear! Some gear is very used, but usable for cheap and some is lightly used but still going for a great price! Or, if you want some new gear, we will have quite a few items marked down on clearance - Yay!! Come to our store March 2nd and get it before it's gone! What a great way to get geared up for your 2019 backpacking trips. Plus, we do have some other used gear we are unloading like rock climbing gear and other random outdoorsy items.

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Backpacking in the Superstitions!

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