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Successful Sundays: #theMoneyIssue
Ladies when was the last time you felt financially empowered? When was the last time you had a problem money could not fix? Fortunately for many of us most problems within our lives can be fixed with money, unfortunately there is just a lack of it. A lack of financial education and a lack of financial resources. As a financial representative I’m pretty excited to share my knowledge and experience by starting Successful Sundays:#theMoneyIssue series. We will be having open discussions about money, the pay gap in the work place, how to negotiate higher pay, financially prepare to walk away from any bad relationship that’s also including your relationship with your job. How to keep more of what’s coming in and build some serious financial muscle. You will not only be learning about wealthy concepts you can apply to your lifestyle habits right away, you will also have access to apply action to what you learn. As women were expected to be able to do it all and handle it all… it’s time to put ourselves in position to also be the go to person who can write the check for any problem that comes our way. It’s time to get financially independent and be the heroine of our own lives. Join us within our amazing new environment at Maggie McFlys, you bring the notebook we’ll have the mimosas! RSVP Today! Contact me with any questions.. By the way… you’re more than welcomed to bring a girlfriend you love enough to see also win at the money game. Look forward to seeing you Sunday!

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    Just Winning Women is a women’s focused organization for women of all walks of life, backgrounds and beliefs with one commonality. The desire to win in all areas of their lives, not by seeking perfection but instead excellence to their own personal standards. Just Winning Women stands for a woman’s own self-belief in her abilities and willingness to constantly improve for the better in health, financial education, mental empowerment and spiritual wellness. Environment is everything and this environment stomps out stereotypes that say women cannot, will not and do not help one another genuinely succeeded. An environment were instead women thrive and become stronger through the relationships we build that empower each other to continue towards our goals and aspirations. Helping one another achieve and work through the obstacles, stress’s and mental blocks that we all face while wearing the many hats we do. Together we achieve our personal and professional goals through development, education, networking, socialization and leadership. We will have a series of educational workshops, book clubs, after work social wind downs and fitness workouts that produce winning ideals, knowledge and action that can be immediately enforced towards personal improvement. All events will be led by an expert in that field, members are more than welcomed to contribute as an event leader, all ideas and input from the group are absolutely welcomed. Membership to Just Winning Women is a valuable resource to women who are business owners, career or family driven as well as looking to connect with like-minded women who want to have it all.

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