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What we’re about

We are not a critique group.

We are not a workshop group.

We are not a teaching institution.

We are not a publications market.

We are a group of writers who get together to just write.

Writing can be a solitary activity but it doesn't have to be. This is a group that meets to write, to socialize, and to offer encouragement and inspiration to others as we practice our craft. We're focused on the process, not the product. 

This is a group where the focus is actually on getting writing done as opposed to critiquing finished works. There are plenty of groups on meetup focused on the critique, but none focused on motivating each other to get our own writing done. So if you need motivation to get started, to write again after abandoning it, to set a writing schedule, or to finish that thing you've been meaning to get to, this group is for you.

We meet almost every day of the week, at different neighborhoods all over Chicago. Our locations are kept private for the safety and comfort of our members.

For more information, please refer to our Policies & Procedures manual at, or like our Facebook page: