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Let's get together and write! 40 on/10 off
Time to be productive again! We'll write for 40 min, then chat for 10, write for 40 and so on. New members that are curious about writing in a group setting are encouraged to come, we're a friendly flock and you don't have to share your work (we focus on just getting the words down in this group). We'll meet in the upstairs conference room (The Tasting Room) at 9am and go for 3 hours. There's free wifi and free street parking on Sundays. Write your novel/script/blog/article/short story/poetry instead of just dreaming about it! Don't forget to click on the "Chip in" button and chip in to help Kriti pay for the annual Meetup fee, he's been kind enough to keep paying so this group runs uninterrupted even though he's been unable to attend himself. I suggest $1 per meeting you're attending. Bring a charger if you're using a laptop. The coffee is darn good at this place!

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*** Here's the very apt intro for this group from the group's founder Caitlin:

I took a writing bootcamp and was told the best way to finish that novel that's inside of you is BISHOK or "Butt in seat, hands on keyboard." Whether it's a chair/couch/stool or typewriter/keyboard/pen, the key to finishing that novel is to, you know, write it.

This is the group for you. We'll get together and follow a regimen of writing that I've found to be really helpful in pounding out the words. Write for 40 minutes, socialize for 10. Write for 40 minutes, socialize for 10. Not too long that you get bored and start surfing and with enough social interaction to keep you accountable and also get to meet fellow writers. All genres welcome be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blogging, screenplays, etc. Just remember, your work won't get finished unless you write it and it ain't going to write itself.

A note about locations: As we grow, I'm hoping to have members lead groups in their own communities as we seem to be all over S and SE Wisconsin and N Illinois area. I'm more than willing to come out to get people started on launching writing groups!


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