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Focused Writing Session
We take 20 minutes for introductions, write silently for 1 hour, and then regroup to brag about word count or chat about the writing process. Ground rules for the group are to please respectfully listen while others are introducing themselves. Please only bring up politics if it directly connects to the content of your story, and only in summarizing your project. The hour of writing is silent writing if you wish to be in the gallery, but you are welcome to step out of the gallery if you need a break. We are a community of writers that support one another, so please make sure that we are respecting any ideas original ownership. Finally, you are welcome to celebrate publishing a book by mentioning it to the group, we do however ask that there are no sales pitches outside of that shared without direct permission from the organizer. Looking forward to writing with you again this week!

Watchtower Cafe

1588 S State Street · Salt Lake City

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    Just Write provides an opportunity for writers to work in the company of other writers on a regular basis. Writing is an isolating activity. Just Write: Salt Lake is an opportunity to be a part of a larger creative group of people. Just Write provides a structured amount of time for talking and a structured amount of time for silent writing. It is also valuable that the group can be counted on for one thing and one thing alone- getting writing done in the company of other writers. We encourage people who are serious about a regular practice of writing in the company of other writers to attend. Meetup Format The facilitator will lead introductions, then there will be 15-20 minutes of social time to get to know each other. Group introductions are intended to be brief. The focus of the meet up is truly around writing time. After the social time the group writes productively and silently in the company of other writers for an hour.

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