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Greetings! KEPRI is dedicated to the research and preservation of New York's megalithic sites, particularly the stone chambers. For decades these ancient buildings have baffled historians on their origin, defying conventional anthropological belief. Though many theories have been formulated, ranging from Colonial root cellars to ancient Celtic monuments, little has been done to actually uncover the truth. This being the case, these archaeological enigmas have been passed off as nothing more than root cellars built by farmers and are slowly being destroyed due to land development.

KEPRI believes there is much more to the stone chambers than meets the eye. The chambers have long had a surrounding paranormal culture and to us that only deepens their mystery. No matter who built them or how old they are, the chambers are worthy of preservation.

If you have interest in these beautiful works of stone, join us! Start a discussion! Come on an expedition!! We are welcome to new members, as long as they help the cause. We welcome anyone interested in the paranormal, particularly the science behind the unexplained.

Come be part of something big. Join us, get to know us, and get out there! The truth awaits...

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America's Stonehenge
Needs a date and time

America's Stonehenge

For years I've been trying unsuccessfully to make this Meetup a reality. I know it's far away, but I'd really love to get a group together to go this summer. Let's discuss this and see if we can make it happen!

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