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Our group is for people who are interested in learning how to kayak but just do not know where to start. And for people who have a little experience but want to improve and get on the water more.

No boat? No problem, we have them. All necessary equipment is part of our package, We offer classes taught by American Canoe Association (ACA) certified instructors with an emphasis on having fun while staying safe. Our sessions are not in a class room but are taught under the trees and on the river in your own personal floating work station. (a kayak of course)

We also guide fun adventure trips on southern water ways. All trips are lead by certified guides.

There is no age limitation on this sport, people are kayaking across the country and around the world from age 4 to 80! We will also be offering guided trips on various rivers throughout the year for folks who do not have boats or who just do not feel ready to paddle on their own.

Thank you,

John Miller

Upcoming events (5+)

Basic River Kayak Class. (7-20)

CRNRA Johnson Ferry North


We watch the weather and the Dam release schedules very closely. Sometimes we do have to reschedule. The decision is usually made the night before the class around 6 pm. It is imperative that you check your email late the night before or first thing in the morning of the class for any last minute changes. The class we teach is the "Essentials of River Kayak" as approved by the American Canoe Association (ACA). Classes will be taught by an experienced ACA certified instructor. We provide a boat, PFD and paddle unless you indicate that you have your own boat. (This is not a 'roll' class) Class ending time varies, however, we typically are done between 5:00-6:00pm. BRING: lunch (no coolers except small soft shell ones), plenty of water, a snack/protein bar, and sunscreen. What do we do: equipment and safety overview, stoke/paddling technique/boat control practice, learn to 'read the river' and use its currents to your advantage, get WET...most importantly, we have FUN! What to WEAR: water shoes (no flip flops), quick-dry clothing (not cotton or denim), hat (optional). This is an introductory class in which you will learn the skills needed to become a competent recreational paddler on lakes and easy rivers. This is for brand new paddlers or paddlers with a little experience that want to take their skills to the next level. After mastering these skills, transitioning to white water paddling becomes much easier if you decide to follow that route. Course Description: THIS IS AN ALL DAY CLASS. WE NORMALLY GET BACK TO THE CARS BETWEEN 5:00 AND 6:00. We spend a day on the Hooch teaching basic kayaking skills. The class begins at Johnson Ferry Park where we discuss river safety and paddling principles. This part of the river is slow moving and essentially flat. We cover basic paddle strokes and boat control before moving down the river. We stop for lunch somewhere down stream around 1-1:30 so eat a good breakfast and maybe bring a granola bar to keep you going. After lunch it is back to the water where we continue to practice our skills. You will be learning boat control in class I and I+ rapids. Our take out point will be Paces Mill Park. At the end of the course, you should feel comfortable paddling rivers with Class II rapids which means you can paddle the Chattahoochee from Buford Dam to Florida! Expect to spend approximately 1 hour in a riverside class, then approximately 5-6 hours on the river. We will furnish the boat, the paddle and the PFD (personal flotation device/life jacket) or you can use your own equipment. If you have your own equipment, I recommend bringing it so you can practice with what you normally use. You will need to bring a lunch, plenty of drinks and of course sun screen. (ice chests do not fit in the boats unless they are the very small soft type) Dress to get wet. Cotton and denim are the two worst things you can wear. If you have a light weight rain jacket, it is always a good idea to have it with you. Good water shoes are recommended. FLIP FLOPS ARE NOT ALLOWED! Shoes without laces are best. Sunglasses should be on a safety cord. Assume that everything you bring to the river will get wet. ZIPLOC bags are not water proof. Your instructor will have water proof bags for any items that might get damaged by water. We do not teach the kayak roll in this class. If you have any questions please call or email John Miller at[masked] or [masked] ([masked])

"TUNNEL OF TERROR/Gold Mine" on the Etowah

The Outside World


This trip is water level dependent. If the levels hold between 175 and 300 CFS we will go. This is NOT a beginner friendly trip. We did this trip July 4th. We had to get out of our boats and pull them over big river wide strainers several times. You must be able to get in and out of your boat and help get it over the strainers. You also will be making some tight and quick turns to avoid strainers and rocks. Even with the strainers and the work the trip is always worth it. PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END!! This is a guided trip as opposed to a class. Nothing bigger than a class I rapid on this trip but the strainers can be a challenge. It is not for someone who HAS NEVER PADDLED BEFORE. You should be experienced enough to control your boat and negotiate small rapids and then climb over trees if necessary. Spray skirts are optional, HELMETS ARE REQUIRED. I will have extra helmets. Cost: If you have your own boat the fee for the trip is $35.00. If you need to rent a boat, the fee for the trip will be a total of $70.00. If you need a boat, just change the amount of payment from $35.00 to $70.00 when you register and pay. Rental boats will include a paddle, PFD and helmet. If you haven't paddled through the old Gold Mine tunnel then you are in for a real treat. Normally it is a[masked] minute ride through the tunnel and this may be one of the most exciting thing you do kayaking. Getting to the tunnel. The tunnel is located 3.5 miles below Castleberry Bridge. When we get to the tunnel the river splits. At this point you have two choices, go through or go around. There is a small ledge just past where the river splits and then it is an easy ¾ mile ride around to where the tunnel rejoins the river. Details of the tunnel. From your kayak seat you should see a small dot of light which is the other side of the tunnel. If you cannot see this the tunnel may be blocked so I wouldn't advise going through. The ride is absolutely thrilling. It is bumpy, noisy, dark and wet. Noisy and bumpy from the water and or your kayak bouncing on the rough bottom. As you enter the tunnel it gets darker and darker until all you can see is the dot of light at the end. Your kayak will rock and roll as you go through and take on water if you don't have a skirt. There is a drop-off inside the tunnel and part way through the downhill angle changes and the ride gets a little faster. Your paddle will be useless except for pushing yourself away from the wall. Just before you exit there is a shaft above that leads straight up to open air. Somewhere in the middle there is a bow in the tunnel on the right side. You probably won't but if you end up in this bow you will not slow down but the light at the end of the tunnel will disappear for a second or two. These seconds will seem like eternity and your blood pressure will soar. Don't worry. You will be in the water flow and will keep going and the light will re-appear. It just scares the h---out of you so you have been fore-warned. Bring lunch and water. If you are going to join me on this trip you will be expected to wear your PFD AT ALL TIMES. If you plan on running the tunnel a Helmet is REQUIRED. Spray skirts are recommended.. This paddle is open to anything you feel comfortable paddling! We will meet at The Outside World at 8:30 and organize equipment and our shuttle. Parking is EXTREMELY limited by the river, Questions to John Miller at[masked] or email at [masked]

Basic L-3 Swift Water Rescue Class

Fowlkes Property

This is a Level 3 class. It is for anyone who paddles on Rivers, period. It is not as technical as the Level 4 class which is geared more to the serious white water paddlers. DO RESPOND ON HERE BUT TO COMPLETE REGISTRATION PLEASE GO TO: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/basic-l3-swift-water-rescue-class-tuckaseegee-river-tickets-62959784410 PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE ANNOUNCEMENT BEFORE SIGNING UP!!! This class usually fills up fast so don't wait to long to secure your spot. Even if you have just started paddling and never intend to paddle big rapids, you should consider taking this course. If you paddle any where on moving water this is for you. I took this course the first year I got in a boat and have now taken it a total of 5 times with different instructors. This is not a white water paddling class. This is a safety class for you and your paddling buddies. What do do if you fall out of your boat, how to wade across rapids to help someone or recover equipment, what do do if someone does get caught in a strainer or they get a foot entrapment. How to swim safely in moving water. Trust me on this, ANYONE WHO PADDLES A KAYAK ON A RIVER needs this training. It will make you a much safer and confident paddler even though the course does not use boats! Registration cuts off May 12th. If you have any questions or want to talk about this with me, please call. [masked] Warm regards to you all and I hope to see you on the river soon. John Miller Keep reading please!! This is a BASIC Swift Water Rescue Class. The things you learn will be very helpful to you even if you never paddle big white water. Any river has the potential to be dangerous and this class prepares you to paddle safe. BOATS ARE NOT EVEN REQUIRED SO YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO PADDLE IN WHITE WATER. That means this class can benefit you regardless of your experience level. I personally participate in a SWR class a minimum of every two years. *************************************************************************************************** Camping is on the property where the classes take place and is included in the price. Once you are checked in, NO COMMUTE! This is a special class that is offered to our members. It is designed to give you the tools to perform a safe and swift river rescue. Class location will be on the Tuckasegee River near Double Drop rapid. This class will be taught by some of the best in the SWR industry. Sam Fowlkes will be the primary instructor. MANY MORE DETAILS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU WHEN YOU SIGN UP! Due to the limited spaces in this course there is a strict refund policy in effect. Places to stay: Camping is available on site for no charge. (Camper Agreement Required). It is primitive camping, tent sites and a tepee, with porta john, warm weather shower (cold water) and a picnic shelter with electricity. Camping and motels offsite: Information available upon request. Questions? John Miller ,[masked]

BABY Gator PHOTO OPPORTUNITY in the beautiful Okefenokee.

You must go to : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/baby-gator-hunt-in-the-beautiful-okefenokee-tickets-61974891569 to register and pay. $50.00 PER PERSON DISCOUNT IF YOU REGISTER BY JULY 15TH. You can enter the swamp by Kayak, Canoe OR Motorboat. If you prefer canoe or motorboat contact John for details. Yes it will be warm and muggy in August but according to the Rangers in the park it will be worth it. Moms lay their eggs in June and July, and they start hatching 65 days later. Baby Alligators typically hatch in late July and early August. They are about 6 to 8 inches long when first hatched and moms typically lay 35 to 50 eggs with some laying up to 90. Babies hang out with their mothers for a minimum of a year, some as long as 3 years. The younger they are, the closer they stick to mom. I am hoping to see babies riding on mom, or see mom carrying them in her mouth. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRELY BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR THIS TRIP. We will paddle different sections of the swamp on Friday and Saturday with an optional paddle on Sunday.. We will be leaving the boats to explore some islands and have lunch on wooden decks. We will get off the water early enough Sunday for you to drive home. This is about a 5 hour drive from Atlanta. Saturday we do start with a nature hike on a raised board walk that goes about 3/4 of a mile over the swamp The Eco-Lodge is located in Fargo, GA, just north of the Suwannee River, and is managed by the Stephen C. Foster State Park. The Eco-Lodge is a conference center with a commercial kitchen, meeting room and 10 cottages each in a beautiful, natural, private location. There will be no other guests at the Eco-Lodge besides us! This facility is as nice as anything I have ever stayed at. This is a kid friendly trip. There are 4 efficiency cabins that each have one double bed. 4 efficiency cabins that have 2 double beds. (Efficiency means one large room with separate bathroom) Since none of the cabins have twin beds filling each of them is going to get tricky. Hopefully we will have 4 couples that take the 1 bed efficiencies. The two bed efficiencies are suitable for families since they will sleep up to 4 people. I know many of you will be coming alone and will not want to share a bed so we will pair you up with a same sex roommate. Because of the bed situation we could have from 20 to 40 people on this trip. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH ME AS WE TRY TO ASSIGN BEDS AND MAXIMIZE PARTICIPATION. If you want to join us on the trip and make your own arrangements to stay somewhere else, camping, hotel, etc, that is fine also. You will simply need to purchase a ticket and let me know where you will be staying. Even if you stay off site your evening meals are included. VERY IMPORTANT: HOW MANY TICKETS DO YOU NEED? If you are staying off site, NOT in the Lodge, you need one event ticket. If you are staying in the lodge you need two tickets. One for the event, one for the lodge. (Several choices to stay in lodge) If you need a rental boat that is an additional ticket whether you stay off site or in the lodge. Cost of the trip will be $175 per adult, $75 per child under 16. That fee will include a catered meal Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. You will be responsible for breakfast and lunch. The kitchens make that easy! (This fee does not include your cabin or boat rental) IF YOU WANT TO SHARE A CABIN WITH A FRIEND, BUT NOT SHARE THE BED YOU ARE WELCOME TO DO THAT AND PUT SOMEONE ON THE FLOOR IN A SLEEPING BAG OR ON THE COUCH. The 1 bed efficiencies rent for $350 for all 3 nights. They sleep 2 people. The efficiencies with 2 double beds rent for $475 for three nights. They sleep up to 4 people. If you are coming by yourself and want to be matched up with a room mate the cost will be $225 for three nights. Tandem (2 person) sit on top kayaks will be available to rent for $95 for the weekend. Single kayaks (sit inside) kayaks will be available to rent for $75 for the weekend. John Miller,[masked]

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Guided Paddle on the Etowah (Euharlee to 411)

Etowah River Boat Landing on Euharlee Rd


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