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Barn Yard Island via Watch Hill to Napatree Beach & Walk Day
Hi Everyone, Too Soon to know Saturday's actual weather... BE ON TIME @ Arrive at 10:30 am , Too many of you are consistently late and Everyone Else will not wait any longer and are On You Own then.. Paddle trip to Follow the EAST shore line through the marsh's Features, Then directly crossing channel to pass by Watch Hill Cove and on to our Destination of Napatree Beach access path.. Channel Crossing Etiquette: For this group, Please do not cross or stop in the middle of any channels stupidly while picking your nose looking at them coming at you or make any assumptions of who has the Right of Way. Think of the boats as Hungry Angry Monsters that want to chop and chew you into Fish Bait. (Drunk Powerboaters think that thought of you consistently). Wait as a group for passing powerboats, etc, then paddle with energy to cross as best as you can between any traffic (Do Not Take Your Time). Respect Them and they will Respect Us. Once after pulling up your boats above the high tide line, You will have your options of: Beaching it, Walk into Town and or even continue on to the Light House as our Destination(s) for the day. -------- Barn Yard Island Boat Ramp: GPS Approximate: 295 Palmer Neck RD, Pawcatuck - Stonington, CT Parking is VERY difficult here on nice warm days especially if you are late. Leave Early.. Drop off boats quickly on the far left -or- right ramp sides and park in available car spots or along road...Avoid parking in Power Boater Trailer spots also (Some are already Fully Drunk Miserable Angry and will fight with you or run over your kayaks if left in their way on the ramp"'). The faster they get in the water with power boats the better for everyone. Smile and Wave to them, many of em are nice if we use good boater etiquette also.. I personally will be leaving at apx 9:00 am to get to the site in a timely manner to unload..get better parking.. .etc.... See you when you get there,, For the beach-- BRING SUNSCREEN, bugg spray, an umbrella or similar sun shelter, beach mat,..relaxing accessories, and the days usual water and beach snacks that can fit on your kayak...walking shoes if walking with a few of us... Foods and ice cream can be purchased in town on our walk if you like .. --------------- Water Conditions : Air: Tide:,%20Rhode%20Island%20Current ---------------------- Potluck Fireside BBQ: At Spellman's #2 Pavillion (I have a printed page with map for those new to this location) or just follow us. Pavillion #1 if necessary.. A real wood burning fireplace is there for us.. Municipal water too. Please bring your happy smiles, Good Potluck Foods, chairs and your favourite beverages.. GRILL & ACCESSORIES LOADED UP.. SEE those interested at the sites.. al-r

Barn Island Boat Launch

295 Palmer Neck Road * look for state boat launch signs* · Pawcatuck, CT


What we're about

Hi Everyone, Welcome, Fellow River & Shore Kayaker's,

This is NOT a professional kayak tour group or kayak instruction group, it is just a group of friends sharing a hobby and other shared interests. ( DOWNHILL Skiing is with AE SKI CLUB.COM , Bike Riding is with CASUAL BIKER's GROUP, Hiking is in a Social Paced & Features Exploring Nature by us. )

Kick the Kentucky Deep Fried Chicken Bucket into the trash, it is time to start getting in shape for the new 2018 paddling season and other associated activities.

I am planning on having a very productive season every year exploring some new paddling locations and returning to the favourites of the past few years also.

First Timers, Beginners to Advanced paddlers, and Recreational to Sea Rated Kayaks are welcome on all of my events and locations listed.

IMPORTANT: If you have a recreational Kayak you can still join us, however for everyone's safety it would be good to have flotation bags in the front and rear. (

This Kayak group introduces paddling events in the cooler weather on the Flat Water Rivers generally in the Connecticut & Massachusetts area during the Spring and Fall season. Further away areas will be introduced when sufficient strength is acquired to handle a longer trip.

As soon as the the air and ocean water temp reaches a point where it is safe enough, we will start to explore the selected CLEANER WATER shore areas generally between GUILFORD CT to WAKEFIELD RI AREA'S put ins.

Coves, estuaries, tidal rivers and some open ocean paddling out to a few islands are part of the mix for all to join in on.

I have a few new areas of exploration and i plan to introduce them as the skills of the majority increases. This helps the new paddlers just joining us for the first time to explore with us and it enhances the feeling of security to them.

Please remember: "Don't buy junk kayaks or junk equipment" (I learned the hard way) but if you already have purchased your boats or can't afford the good equipment, join us anyway. The primary goal of this group is to enjoy paddling while helping each other to naturally gain skills. You will learn what kinds of kayaks and equipment is safer and how to use them without overspending.

One of the best things to learn is Self Rescue because you never know when you will go into the water especially when no one may be around to get to you easily or in a timely way.

Please watch the following video: Paddle Float Entry:

( In the Summer you will be able practice this with us in real OCEAN CONDITIONS @ the 4 Mile River Event or other lake river event prior to the ocean) :

Heel Hook version

Should you learn Rolling ???

To Interactively Learn some Kayak Principles a fantastic site:

A good thing to practice is the "Assisted Rescue" Heel Hook re-Entry:

> The now swimmer floats parallel to their boat on back in water with head towards his/her stern resting until ready while you are holding the boat steady for them up against yours.

: have them raise their OUTSIDE leg and HOOK their leg under the fore deck of their boat.

: using that leg as a lever, their inside arm can be used to also steady against any life line (you can also help pull on the outside arm), then have them roll themselves toward you so they end up on to their boat with their stomachs down above the seat.

: From this point have them roll in either direction to an upright position while sliding down into the cockpit position until they are ready and comfortable enough to start to paddle again.


All Events will be chosen to be in places where there are: NO boat launching FEES and adequate parking.

I plan the events based on river flow rates, ocean tides, water temp, wind speed, and other weather conditions to provide the best outcome for all.

With all events, there is the Traditional Pot Luck Barbie-q's, a fire pit and plenty of time to enjoy socializing into the evening so please plan to join us for the whole day.

I have a "Hopeful" course and destination when i post an event. There is usually an unknown exact paddle time on the water since things change as we go along, as a group some can cut the course short and meet us at the Barbie-Q spot The others can continue to the paddle destination as listed. It is always more of a group decision as to when its time to call it "Dinner Time" or when we have had enough for the day.

You have to carry a PFD *Required by Law* and if possible attach a whistle to it to alert others if you are in danger.

It is not always necessary, However, Please wear your PFD at all times (this makes it easier on everyone in the event you do capsize especially if you don't have the proper skills to get back in efficiently, are physically out of shape, or are injured in any way) the whistle alerts more people to your need). I wear mine at all times because i learned the hard way once and live to tell you to wear yours now, i don't want to tow a dead body with a drag rope all the way down the river or to the shore then have to answer legal questions on why you are dead.

If possible, and if you can afford it, get a small light or a headlamp which is ok (not really leagal, but better than nothing) for the very few evening paddles i may have or for finding your stuff in the dark, a paddle float for re-entry, ,a paddle leash and a hand water pump (or bailing sponge) are also nice to have available on your yak. Think of the items as your own Cheap Life Insurance.

Spray Skirts are NOT Required in this group yet are encouraged after you have mastered a few wet exits and feel comfortable in their use.

Since UN-planned conditions vary greatly, i prefer novices to get out of their kayaks quickly and a spray skirt without many practice wet exits is more of a liability than help.

If you are using a spray skirt and you need to extricate your self quickly, please have a WHITE ball on the Grab Loop so you can find it easier while being upside down in darker water.


DISCLAIMER: Water sports are inherently and obviously more dangerous than most activities found on Meetup, however its much safer if you know how to self rescue, have some safety equipment, and are willing to learn some new skills along with being in acceptable physical shape.

Your way of knowing if you are in shape is to try to any self re-entry procedure at least 3 times successfully in deeper water while we are with you to assist if you need it along with being able to paddle for a few hours.

As you join us from the beginning of the season you will gain enough strength to handle the ocean trips of apx 11 miles or so naturally.

As a group we will attempt to save you as best we can given our own limitations, you have to do your part by being prepared for emergencies too. Please don't hold me or the group responsible for your actions if they are beyond our help, control, or reasoning.

This is a group of paddlers that enjoy the group environment, we learn things from each other, attending some events that promote safety, ( DEP, Coast Guard..our own practice..etc).

This group is not a business, a dues paying club or professional tour group, and there no kayak instructors are involved.

It is just a group of paddlers sharing in an enjoyable activity while learning as we go along.


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APR 1-15=47*, APR 16-30=51*, MAY 1-15=54*, MAY 16-31=59*, JUN 1-15=62*, JUN 16-30=66*, JUL 1-15=68*, JUL 16-31=72*

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OK see you all on the water soon..


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