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AUG 2-->6 - Full Moon Camping + Good Times - RI @ Burlingame / optional Kayaking

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Price: $45.00 /per person

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Hi Everyone,

By now all that are going to our reserved sites have gotten the info on which site you will be on and where to park... etc... from Barbara, its a helpful way to keep things balanced and organized..etc .

Those that have reserved your own sites please be there when its time to check in so any guests (I hope you have informed Burlingame of your guests info that you have on your site ) will not be waiting outside of the park till you get there..

BOOZE CONSUMPTION: Please hide the CONSUMPTION from public (and Ranger's) view by placing it in ALTERNATE NON Booze containers that are not going to put us or you in danger of being removed from the park.

VALUABLES: Since this is a large campground with a whole variety of people from mostly good to some that are not so good with poor moral values--- PLEASE KEEP VALUABLES AWAY FROM VIEW AND/OR LOCKED UP IN A SAFE PLACE or by a safer method..ETC

Ok See Ya

Full Moon Camping Trip to Rhode Island, Burlingame with optional (EASY) Kayaking

Note: If you really want to go at this point, you will have to Reserve on your own using or see if you can share a site with someone else in the same situation as you that has reserved outside of our 4 campsites..

Including a big Pot Luck seafood festival put together by us!

Join us once again as we enter paradise (Rhode Island in the summer) for a shared experience of kayaking, day tripping, beaching and of course pot luck meals.

The dates are: August 2-August 6, cost $45 per person (if reserving on our 4 campsites only).

Adults only, no pets, no weirdos.

Here’s the itinerary:
Thursday August 2: Arrive, set up your tent and get ready for the welcome potluck dinner as we settle in. If you arrive early enough join us at 4PM at the beach across the road, "East Beach", tranquil, peace and quiet with dramatic waves at this hour. (A great place to converse and sip a bit of Wine or other favourite beverage as the sun sets).

Friday morning, August 3: Steve’s fantastic coffee, breakfast and organizing ourselves for our first paddle to Quonny Breachway. This is a lovely “pond” which offers serene water with warm swimming holes. Last year we clammed a bit and brought our bounty back. A few of the guys fished at the breach. It was incredible the number of porgies that they caught which added to our feast! There’s plenty of parking and it’s really close to our camp sites.

Friday evening, August 3: Our Traditional Grand Potluck Dinner and Campfire, There’s plenty to do in the area too. Misquamitcut offers free movies on the beach and free music festivals. It’s too early to list alternative events, but as we move closer I’ll look them up and list them on this site:
For now you can peruse this:

Saturday morning, August 4: Same as Friday except today we will kayak the Narrow river. This paddle takes us through a natural preserve, past a bridge and towards a peninsula where the ocean meets the river. We will picnic on the peninsula. Bring an umbrella, and a picnic lunch, those boogies boards will come in quite handy too. If you enjoy riding waves, then you will love this place! This is a day you won’t forget and well worth the whole day.

Saturday evening, August 4: SEAFOOD POTLUCK DINNER around the campfire. This was so huge last year, it was obscene. It was better than any restaurant and we had a blast. Let’s follow it this year with some card playing. Setback anyone? or even a Romantic Moonlit Paddle in the lake near the camp site.

For those who want to venture away there is the annual Ninegret Seafood Festival offering 4 live bands and fireworks. Admission is $8/pp (eight to the bar and other good venues offered).Click on this:

Kayak Rentals: Barbara and Al have kayaks that they can rent to you for $25 per day for the group paddles. Please email Barbara for details. lifevests and paddles provided with fee.

Sunday August 5: Nothing planned as a group yet (we may use this day as a back up day if we had bad weather on the previous listing of events). Enjoy the area on your own if you like also.

Monday morning, August 6: Departure by 11AM

What you need to bring: Tent, air mattress, lantern or flashlight, bug repellent, sleeping bags, pillow. Ear Plugs, Potluck contributions (one item to share with 8 people per meal); beach stuff including sunscreen, if you want to kayak, then kayaking stuff, and anything else to make your stay enjoyable. Everyone is responsible for themselves, so please read through the waiver below acknowledging that you understand that we will not be liable for anyone. We aim to make this, as has been in the past, an awesome event, where friendship and laughs are plentiful as are the memories and the camp meals. As a reminder, No psycho’s please.

The organizers are Barbara (camping), Steve (Kayaking) and Al (meetup site manager who is on vacation from posting etc..), (please send inquires only to only Barbara); I repeat, Barbara only. Do not call or email Steve or Al. Make sure you read this entire posting before you ask questions, because most everything is covered in this listing; if you thought out your question, and feel that it is not covered in this posting, then by all means email: [masked] – but remember that everyone is responsible for themselves and we do this for the joy in sharing a nice campout with friends.

Potluck meals: Most meals are potluck. We place three huge canopies together under a few picnic tables. We have several good quality grills, stoves and most camping supplies. Condiments, some soft drinks, water and all paper goods will be provided. A shared community effort is placed on “clean up” after the meals—and that means you men too! You don’t have to feel obligated to join all meals and the organized group activities. Feel free to join us but do your own thing during the day if you want.

Alternate suggestions for day activities: Misquamicut beach, Watchhill beach, Block island trip by ferry, Ninigret seafood festival, free music and free movies on the beach in the evening. Then there’s Narraganssett and all the wonderful little towns and breachways to visit with their lighthouses and charming little towns.

Financial details and responsibilities. Four sites have been reserved which holds six people per site, or up to 3 cars - tents per site. The $45 per person fee covers camping with the group, and the MISC. above listed things under potluck meals. We will also provide the firewood in the cost. (but if you have some firewood to bring, hide it carefully)

If you’d like to camp with us, then book right away because our spots will fill up quickly.

If you book your own site, or have waited too long and our sites are filled, then contact RESERVE.AMERICA.COM --

We are staying in the 300 area, the Fisherman’s area.

We are asking those who are responding early who really plan to be camping with us to book through paypal.

If you do not have a paypal account or all others for now, then contact Barbara directly to make arrangements.

We ask for $5-$10 contributions for campfire wood and supplies for those who are joining us who have made their own camping arrangements outside of our camp-sites to help out if you join us for the Pot Lucks and Fireside Gatherings (wood out here is actually costly).

By joining this campout, I herewith acknowledge that I am responsible for myself and all my belongings and will not hold meetup, or any of it’s organizers personally or financially responsible for any loss or injury to my personal belongings or myself. My RSVP is my acknowledgement.

More details: (WIFI, Coffee, Supplies, Bicycles, evening sunset)
The campsite location is very close to 1) Dave’s coffee (free wifi); down the road from stop and shop for your fresh produce supplies, the campground has a wonderful store with lot’s of supplies on hand. The camp roads are awesome for bicycle riding. If you have a bike, bring it and get around the campgrounds that way. There is a restroom in very close proximity to our sites. There is also a nice flat nature walk ~ 4 miles around the entire pond that we are staying on. The campsite has a view of the pond where the sunsets in the evening.

Hope to see you there!

If the event shows FULL -- (LIMIT OF 18 actually camping on the 4 sites we have reserved), please stay on the waiting list, Changes tend to occur over the next few months, IE, those not paid up will not be counted.

If you really want to go at this point, you will have to Reserve on your own using or see if you can share a site with someone else in the same situation as you that has reserved outside of our 3 campsites..

GPS alternate for Burlingame: apx 31 Klondike Rd, Charlestown, RI to get you close enough.

Please Drive Carefully.