What we're about

This is a group for people who are working on or who are thinking of starting a bootstrapped digital businesses, or who otherwise enjoy reading indiehackers.com (https://www.indiehackers.com/). It doesn't matter if you're a software engineer or non-technical.

If you have no idea what Indie Hackers or bootstrapping is, you can read about it on my article titled Become an Internet Millionaire with This One Weird Trick (https://datadrivenperspectives.com/become-an-internet-millionaire-with-this-one-weird-trick-57cd2c52e9e).

We'll meet at least once a month. Sometimes we'll have formal presentations. Mostly we'll be doing happy hours, hackathons, and jam sessions where you can come and meet like minded people. Trade ideas. Talk about/promote what you're working on. Find beta testers, early adopters, and maybe even a co-founder.

If you've wanted to develop commercial software but don't have an idea, I have plenty. If you're non-technical and have an idea that you don't know how to implement, you might find someone willing to help you.

The point is to have fun and build friendships, networks, and knowledge.

Past events (2)

SEO101: Introduction to SEO

Johnson County Central Resource Library

The Nothin Fancy After Work Come Introduce Yourself Social

Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restuarant

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