***Hope Jillane is feeling better from foot surgery.   We'll miss you tonight.***


"DON'T DARE MENTION THE WORD "religion" -NIGHT" tonight, Sat, Jan 28, 7pm at Perkins.  

This will be too much fun! If Iggy doesn't show up I'll fine him 20 dollars. Don't miss a night like this!  

I dare you, I double dare you to show up -with dollar bills. I'm still passing the collection plate.

TO RSVP, ADDRESS AND MORE INFO ABOUT THIS GROUP GO TO: http://www.meetup.com/skeptics-137/

Once you walk through Perkins' doors tonight you will not mention religion.  If you do you will be punished. If you say anything about religion (just one word), hint about religion, if you say the word religion you will be fined $1. I'll bring a horn and if anyone says "religion" I will honk-honk-honk it and collect one dollar. Iggy, bring a thousand bucks! This can be a great fund raiser for the Skeptics.
On this night we want you to share something about you: What excites you?, what relaxes you?, what drives you?, tell your deepest darkest secret or a tiny one, what are your goals?, what do you do for fun?, what do you dream?, why did you say yes that time when you should of said no? Say something significant or something silly, anything...but NOT one word about religion. This can come from your past, present or what you want to do in the future. Tell us a lie. This can be a fun night to get to know each other better. 
If there is not enough people talking I will point my finger at....YOU.  So be prepared. This can be fun.  If you absolutely refuse to talk, then come to be nosey and know something juicy about your fellow members.
Go and sin my children AND make up some outrageous stories about yourself.  Remember, not one mention of religion.  I dare you, I double dare to say...    Or I will collect a buck and still pass the offering plate at last.
***Afterwards we will go to a local pub and drink beer.  And talk about religion.***
Cole Morgan  [address removed]  [masked]