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The Kansas City .NET User Group (KCDNUG) is for developers working in and around the Microsoft .NET framework that are interested in learning more about .NET and related technologies from other talented like minded developers.

Our regular monthly meetings feature speakers from Kansas City and the surrounding region who provide their insights on .NET and other relevant software developer topics. The meetings are typically on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 6 PM. Our current meeting space is generously provided by VinSolutions and we have great sponsors each month that provide food and drinks.

Speak up and be heard!

Are you interested in speaking on a topic at our user group? Contact us.


Want to look awesome and support our community? We are always looking for sponsors to provide the food and drinks at our monthly meetings.

We also love to give away swag at our meetings. Software licenses, geek devices, tech books, t-shirts and more are always greatly appreciated by our attendees!

Contact us to find out how you can become a sponsor.

Kansas City Developers Conference

The Kansas City Developers Conference is an annual developers conference that brings some of the best speakers in the region together for a 3 day event that will broaden your knowledge and provide great networking opportunities. For more info check out KCDC.info (http://kcdc.info).

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Designing for Accessibility: Thinking outside the box - John Alexander

Designing for Accessibility: Thinking outside the box Accessibility. Why should I care? This entertaining and highly interactive session aims to spark your thinking about the transformative power of technology, and encourage designers engineers and developers to build the next wave of inclusive technology. You’ll explore some interesting examples using AI for Accessibility, such as real-time speech-to-text transcription, visual recognition services and predictive text functionality. You’ll also see the Xbox Adaptive Controller, along with some assistive devices demonstrated on an Xbox. Finally, you’ll get some great tips and practical advice on how to incorporate Inclusive Design in your own applications. Speaker: John Alexander (https://twitter.com/johnalexander) John Alexander co-founded the largest technical blogging community in the world, Geekswithblogs.Net before selling it several years ago and built music chart applications for Billboard Magazine used by "American Top 40". He's sat in Kirk's Chair on the bridge, has recorded cartoon pilots as part of a voice ensemble cast, is the co-creator of the "Geek" t-shirt (found at most Microsoft conferences), and was Facebook friends with Patrick Swayze. John is a developer advocate with a passion for designing and building accessible experiences using machine learning coupled with voice, touch, and virtual/mixed reality. His secret identity is a mild-mannered Senior Content Developer on the Microsoft APEX team (docs.microsoft.com) focused on ML.NET, .NET Core, and Docker. John is a former Microsoft Regional Director and MVP and is a client-centric, UX-focused software architecture and development thought leader, consultant, trainer, published author and speaker. Building the KCDNUG System: Architecture - Brent & Duane We'll talk about architecture goals for the api, mobile app, & admin app, 3rd party integrations, & initial project setup. Sponsor: Centriq Training (https://twitter.com/CentriqTraining) http://www.centriq.com Hannah Mulligan Agenda 5:45 Doors Open/Food & Drinks 6:00 Announcements & sponsor highlight 6:10 Building the KCDNUG System 6:30 Keynote 7:45 prizes & wrap up 8:00 Happy Hour

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