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Tools of the Trade

Modern software development has become a complicated multifaceted affair, and juggling all the moving parts can be a challenge. We are expected to write code, run tests, setup deployment pipelines, mange source control, design database schemas, and any other task that might come up. These and many other tasks can be made easier with the right tools, but finding the right tooling can be a challenge. In this talk we will explore the different aspects of full stack development and look at productivity tools and services that can simplify your life as a developer. Come prepared to share your own favorite tools so we can all benefit from each other's experience.

Speaker: Brent Stewart (

As a professional software developer with over two decades of experience, Brent has seen many development trends come and go and learned that there is not a shortcut to being a great developer. He enjoys teaching and tries to mentor others whenever he can. When he is not speaking at conferences around the Midwest he can be found helping organize the Kansas City .NET User Group.
He is a creator at heart and has started multiple businesses over the years in a variety of industries. His latest venture is Alien Arc Technologies which allows him to take his ideas and give them form. He loves quality in all things and always try to provide the best quality in everything he does. If it is worth doing, then it is worth doing right.

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6:00 Announcements & sponsor highlight
6:10 See Sharper
6:30 Keynote
7:45 prizes & wrap up
8:00 Happy Hour