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Be a 10x Engineer by Mentoring Junior Developers - Gabby Spurling

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Be a 10x Engineer by Mentoring Junior Developers

Our industry is brimming with new talent. The difference between a good mentor and a bad mentor is monumental for the career of any new developer. While every developer has the opportunity to impact their team in this way, many pass on the change because they find it to be boring, tedious, or they think they are unqualified. Learn why you should take a role in helping grow your team’s talent and proven strategies to be a successful mentor.

Speaker: Gabby Spurling (

When Gabby started her career in technology, she had no idea if it was possible to combine her newfound love for coding with her passion for marketing, but was determined to find a path to get her there. Along the way she was exposed to a broad array of industries and technologies, from big data analytics in oil and gas to creating event driven applications in insurance. Currently working as a Lead Technologist at VMLY&R, Gabby's found a place where she can do both while supporting major clients like Ford, Sprint, and more. The common thread across all of her work has been creative problem solving and learning from incredible teams.

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Duane Newman & Brent Stewart

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