• Designing and Developing IoT Devices with C# and Meadow - Jeff Julian

    Moonshot Innovations LLC

    IMPORTANT: attendance is limited, please only RSVP Yes if you will physically attend, and please update your RSVP if your ability to attend changes. We will look into options to provide some sort of remote feed (no promises) and if we do we will announce the link on the Slack channel.

    Designing and Developing IoT Devices with C# and Meadow

    The COVID-19 pandemic has taught me one key thing; I had more time for hobbies than I initially believed. However, most hobbies require you to learn all new things. For example, if you get into fitness, you must know about diet and exercise. When I got into woodworking last year, I learned all about wood types, tools, and first aid. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your current skill set to do something new?

    Well, that is where the Meadow comes in, thanks to the team at Wilderness Labs. Meadow is a microcontroller with the ability to run .NET applications. Paired with the Meadow Foundation, an open-source set of libraries and drivers, you can now create your own physical solutions using sensors, motors, relays, power sources, and all sorts of fun things to solve problems.

    Have a garden, and you want to test moisture content? Use the Meadow. Tired of talking to Alexa to do simple tasks and having her say, “I didn’t understand?” Build a solution with the Meadow. Did your wife pick up beekeeping and promise you they do not sting you like in My Girl, but you really aren’t sure you trust that, and now you must check the beehives… just me? Well, I am using the Meadow to help solve that problem… remotely.

    In this session, we will check out what Meadow offers and look at what you need to get started. We will walk through simple designs and real-world solutions you can produce now, right from your desk.

    Jeff Julian (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jjulian/)

    Jeff Julian is a software consultant, author, entrepreneur, woodworker, marketer, videographer, photographer, and now a device designer in AgTech. He was the Co-Founder of Geekswithblogs.net with one of the club leaders, John Alexander, former Microsoft MVP in XML and SharePoint, former co-leader of this .NET User Group, and has been working on web applications since the mid-90s.

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    Tom Fraccascia ([masked])

  • Unmasking your full potential

    Online event

    Join Duane & Brent, along with guest panelist, Heather Downing, for an interactive discussion about thriving in uncertain times. Many things have changed about how we do business and that has created both challenges and opportunities. We'll discuss some ways to leverage these changes in our daily life to provide growth and stability for the future. We will explore a variety of topics from building skills & relationships to setting up a successful home office.

    Come ready to share your experiences and how you've met the challenges of 2020.

    Sponsor: Advantage Tech
    Holly Ritzman - [masked]

  • Pixel Perfect Multi-Platform Applications with C# and WinUI - Brent Stewart

    One code base to rule them all? For years we have been promised that this dream was just around the corner. There have been many attempts in the past, but they all left us wanting more and never seemed to be worth the trade offs that came with them. In this meeting we are going to take a look at the Uno Platform and see if they can deliver on the promise of a single code base for Windows, Web-Assembly, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux. We will look at how to get started with the Uno Platform and walk through building out a basic application and discuss the pros and cons of their platform. Join us virtually for a fun evening of nerding out on cool development technologies.

    Sponsor: Alien Arc Technologies, LLC

  • Level up on Functional Programming by rebuilding LINQ - Cameron Presley

    Level up on Functional Programming by rebuilding LINQ

    When taking your first steps into functional programming, you'll quickly run into blog posts talking about how to simplify complex loops by using the trinity of list operations: map, filter, and reduce. But what are these methods actually doing under the hood to help simplify your code?

    If you're familiar with the .NET landscape, then you already have experience with an implementation of the trinity within LINQ (Language Integrated Query). However, what if I told you that by learning how LINQ implements map (Select), filter (Where), and reduce (Aggregate), you actually know how other languages implement the same constructs?

    Intended for C# developers who have some experience with LINQ and an interest in learning functional programming, by the end of this session, you will have learned how to work with the Func type, generics, and extension methods!

    Cameron Presley (https://twitter.com/pcameronpresley)

    Cameron Presley is a Lead Software Engineer for SentryOne (https://www.sentryone.com), a speaker, a Microsoft MVP, Director of Speaker Relations for CodeStock (@CodeStock) and co-organizer of FunctionalKnox (@FunctionalKnox).

    Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Cameron has ten years of experience working with start-ups and large enterprise both publicly and privately held to architect solutions, implement solutions, and training developers to be better today than what they were yesterday!

    In his spare time, Cameron can be found hanging out with his family, playing board games, jamming on the bass guitar, and reading books.

    Lightning Talk
    Optional Parameters: Not as Optional as you think
    Duane Newman (https://twitter.com/duanenewman)

    We'll take a quick look at how Optional Parameters work in .NET and what to watch out for when you implement them.

    Paige Technologies (https://twitter.com/PaigeKC)
    Andrew Alldredge (https://Twitter.com/AlldredgeAndrew)

  • Migrating a desktop app to the cloud using Blazor

    Online event

    We will look at how we migrated our raffle app to Azure using Blazor Client Side and talk about the different challenges and wins we had during this move. We'll examine at all the pieces that make a real Blazor app work.

  • Common code with Blazor Client Side; Logging with Serilog - Brent & Duane

    Join us for some lightning talks.

    Common code with Blazor Client Side - Brent Stewart

    Logging with Serilog - Duane Newman

  • Staying Social In a Distanced World - Duane & Brent

    Online event

    Join us for our first ever virtual user group meeting.

    We'll have an open discussion about how stay home orders have impacted our day-to-day work and life schedules and how we can stay connected with our community and co-workers now and in the future.

    Lightning Talk: Developing Locally with NuGet - Duane Newman
    Do you work with multiple projects across repositories that are built and consumed as NuGet packages? Then you've likely ran into the need to go through dev cycles on changes that impact your projects consuming a package. This usually involves committing your code (or doing a Pull Request) to get your changes built into a package. Often, this results in needing to make more changes and wait for another package. I'll show a method we use to create and consume these packages locally so you can push your changes with confidence they work as needed.

    Sponsored by KCDC

  • Start Me Up: Configuration and DI in ASP.NET Core - Jeffrey Strauss

    Start Me Up: Configuration and DI in ASP.NET Core

    Adoption of ASP.NET Core continues to grow in development shops around the world. The .NET community offers a nice selection of templates for getting a new project moving quickly. On the other hand, more complex applications may require you to go deeper than what comes out of the box. The configuration and dependency injection systems in ASP.NET Core are flexible and powerful, and it is worth understanding the details of how a modern web application on the framework spins up on start.

    This session provides a walkthrough of the Startup and Program classes, the host and app builders, configuration, DI, and middleware. Learn how to build your own middleware providers and pipeline. Create custom extension methods to register services with your application quickly and easily. Leverage the power of ASP.NET Core to work best for you and your organization.

    Speaker: Jeffrey Strauss (http://twitter.com/jeffreystrauss)

    Jeff is a technical advisor, an executive consultant, and an attorney. As a solution architect on the Multicloud team at World Wide Technology—and with his unique experiences that combine tech and business—he maintains a passion for solving problems with inspired solutions, improving life through technology.

    A dedicated member of the developer community, Jeff travels internationally to speak on both technical and business-oriented topics. He is a Microsoft MVP and serves on the board of directors for the Kansas City Developer Conference.

    See Sharper: Blazor MVC Music Store

    This presentation will demo a Blazor version of the classic MVC Music Store. This is a Blazor server-side app. You will learn some of the basics of programming Blazor. Key points that will be discussed included navigating with Navigation Manager, JS Interop, and using server-side session storage.

    Carolyn Schroeder (https://twitter.com/carolynlschroed)
    Carolyn is the sole proprietor of Schroeder Consulting. Her focus is on Web and Web API apps built with Microsoft technologies primarily .NET Core. She has been building Blazor apps since the preview versions and is particularly exciting about its potential.

    Sponsor: TriCom Technical Services (https://twitter.com/tricomts)
    Lacey Cherry


    5:45 Doors Open/Food & Drinks
    6:00 Announcements & sponsor highlight
    6:10 See Sharper
    6:30 Keynote
    7:45 prizes & wrap up
    8:00 Happy Hour

  • Be a 10x Engineer by Mentoring Junior Developers - Gabby Spurling

    Quest Analytics, LLC

    Be a 10x Engineer by Mentoring Junior Developers

    Our industry is brimming with new talent. The difference between a good mentor and a bad mentor is monumental for the career of any new developer. While every developer has the opportunity to impact their team in this way, many pass on the change because they find it to be boring, tedious, or they think they are unqualified. Learn why you should take a role in helping grow your team’s talent and proven strategies to be a successful mentor.

    Speaker: Gabby Spurling (https://twitter.com/gabbythedev)

    When Gabby started her career in technology, she had no idea if it was possible to combine her newfound love for coding with her passion for marketing, but was determined to find a path to get her there. Along the way she was exposed to a broad array of industries and technologies, from big data analytics in oil and gas to creating event driven applications in insurance. Currently working as a Lead Technologist at VMLY&R, Gabby's found a place where she can do both while supporting major clients like Ford, Sprint, and more. The common thread across all of her work has been creative problem solving and learning from incredible teams.

    See Sharper: Visual Studio... Online?
    Duane Newman & Brent Stewart

    Let's take a look at Microsoft's preview of Visual Studio in the cloud with custom environments.

    Sponsor: Moonshot Innovations


    5:45 Doors Open/Food & Drinks
    6:00 Announcements & sponsor highlight
    6:10 See Sharper
    6:30 Keynote
    7:45 prizes & wrap up
    8:00 Happy Hour