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5th Edition D&D Campaign
Cross-posting from another group for Jon Steel. =) Original event is here: Join us in a regular 5th Edition D&D Campaign! After much thought, I decided not to follow the Adventurers League adventures for my campaign - instead, I have converted my original 1st Edition campaign to 5th Edition, and will be running this as a "game store" campaign. What is a "game store" campaign you may ask ? This will be less serious than a "long term" campaign - players are expected to come and go between weeks as needed. Players own their characters - but the characters will be pre-generated prior to the adventure. Hopefully this all equates to "more fun" ! This session will be weekly (unless specifically stated) - and will last 5 hours each week (finishing at 4pm). Please ensure that you support our hosting game-store by purchasing snacks/drinks/game materials if possible at the game store - the space is free after all ! If you've never played 5th Edition - but are used to 1st/2nd/3rd Edition - its exactly like 1st edition ! Very simple character sheets - the rules are incredibly easy to pick up ! Its really, really easy for new players to also pick up in one session - this is definitely the game for everyone ! I'm going to reserve the right to "cap" the table size if we get too large. I can handle up to 10-12 players, but any larger and we become too rowdy ! More details will be forthcoming on table size.

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If you find yourself consumed by PC, RPG, board, or console gaming. If you find yourself debating, Star Trek or Star Wars. If you are reading this and can find several grammar errors, then this group is for you.
We are all totally geek-ed about something and most of us geeks and gamers find ourselves never leaving the house, leaving us a little unsociable.

This group is for the purpose of getting out of the house and meeting other people to socialize, game, and talk with about all those things that leave other people with a glazed look.

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