Start Your Week With Adventure!


Every week on Monday until June 23, 2019

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Do you search for secret doors in the janitor’s closet? Assign CRs to your coworkers? Begin meetings by telling colleagues they look like worthy adventurers?

Or, have you never ventured too far from home, but dream of the power you might wield with but a few brightly colored many-sided stones clattering in your hand?

If so, you may be suffering from a Vitamin D20 deficiency!

What’s the cure? You need to START YOUR WEEK WITH ADVENTURE!

Beginning May 7th, join us at TableTop Game & Hobby on Monday nights from 6pm to 10pm to roll dice and storm the castle (or haunted Victorian mansion or post-apocalyptic corporate base-you get the idea)!

We’re offering a wide range of RPG titles for you to experience and explore. Bring your own characters or use a pre-generated persona, ready for you take on a journey of unimaginable fantasy!

Click the link below to visit the Start Your Week with Adventure sign-up site!

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