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I decided to facilitate this group so that it would be easier for everyone to have a common place to come to keep up with what is going on for those interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle in all parts of their lives. We will come together for a variety of events that deal with our central theme "Health and Wellness." The purpose of the group is to build a community of like-minded people who are supportive of a healthy lifestyle while learning, growing and socializing together. Many of our events are centered around "vegan & raw food potlucks and listening to knowledgeable speakers on a variety of health topics.

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Pet Health: Our pets help us stay healthy....what are ways we can help them?

How does your pet help you? What does your dog/cat need from you. Is a Keto diet good for your pet? Can herbs be used? What are some dangers? Heart worm treatments Vaccines: are they healthy Spay/Neuter? and more. Our Guest Speakers: Michelle Moudy, Trainer, figured out early on that she wanted to work with animals after a family friend introduced her to the difference a Veterinary Technician can make in a family and pets life. Little did she know that small spark would lead to her 2 biggest passions, Veterinary Medicine and Canine Training. With over 20+ years in Veterinary Medicine and 6 years as a Canine Trainer she brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients. Over the years she has had the great privilege of working with many different trainers - each expanding her knowledge base. What started with basic obedience training has grown to herding and service dog work. Michelle’s driving force is always to help the person understand their canine, so they can create a loving, respectful, calm environment where the human-animal bond can flourish. Client education is the driving force behind her work whether focusing on veterinary medicine or canine training. With a strong belief in positive reinforcement training through the use of treats, verbal and physical praise, her goal is to make your time with your furry friend the most enjoyable it can be. Michelle began training part-time over 6 years ago, with the aim of helping the clients she met through the veterinary clinic. She then worked as the lead trainer for a Service Dog company in Colorado Springs for 2 years before opening her own company. Now she brings her unique combination of veterinary and behavior expertise to the Kansas City area with Your Best Friends Training. Jen Grimes - Trainer With over 20 years experience working with animals, making a difference in furry lives is Jen’s passion. Growing up, cats were a significant part of her family life. At an early age, she enjoyed spending free time teaching tricks to dogs belonging to friends and family. Later, she took jobs in retail pet stores and dog grooming. Throughout her adult life she has fostered, trained, and advocated for rescue dogs and cats. Nine years ago, she followed her dream to study veterinary technology and has since spent time working as a technician in general practice, specialty medicine, and a large local shelter. Working as an animal advocate, she has strived to make a difference is each pet’s physical and emotional health. As a trainer Jen focuses on helping families understand how to best tailor their training to fit their pets’ personality. This fostering of mutual understanding is the cornerstone of keeping happy pets in happy families. Jen’s extensive experience in the animal shelter and foster world combined with her studies as a veterinary technician allows her to bring our unique training insights to your family. Snacks will be provided. Your pet is welcome as well. This is a free event. You can invite friends, just let us know how many to plan for. Call if you have any questions. Dr. Tess Volner[masked]

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