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KC Learn Big Data
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The details of this evening are still being built but I wanted to go ahead and announce. I'll publish details as they become available. This meeting will be available via live streaming on YouTube.

The State of Big Data
MeetUp organizer Bob Wakefield will give a brief talk on changes and trends in data. He'll quickly go over where we've been, where we are, and we're headed.

Natural Language Processing Lighting Talk

Chris Harvey from the Q3 meeting is back for round 2. He is going to give a quick talk and a code example of NLP.

Benefits of Disaggregating Compute and Storage

Reid Moncrief is going to talk about managing and analyzing data in the new paradigm where your data sits at rest and you spin up compute resources as needed.

Reid Moncrief is an enterprise systems engineer for Pure Storage, Pure Storage is an All-Flash Storage company with the goal to help customers turn data into intelligence and advantage. Prior to Pure Storage i worked at YRC Freight for a decade which i was a storage administrator for several years, then moved into a management role that covered mainframe/disaster recovery/storage/data center/etc.

If you can't make it to the onsite, this event will be live streamed at the link below. The stream opens at 6 to give myself plenty of time to work through issues.

Reid says he's bringing SWAG and if you want some, you should dress up in costume!

Drink responsibly! Beer will be served. Both VeriShip and Mass Street Street Analytics reserve the right to ensure you get home safely.