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Oasis is a place for the non-religious to come together to celebrate the human experience.

We understand that vibrant, tightly knit communities are central to human happiness and well-being. That’s why we need Oasis: to provide a place for like-minded individuals and families to connect, be inspired and feel empowered. Every Sunday morning, we offer you the chance to get together to discuss real-world principles supported by evidence and free thought, not scripture or revelation. Furthermore, we provide a place where your children can explore their developing world views, ask questions and make friends in an environment that’s supportive of critical thinking.

Our core values define our community and help shape our interactions with each other, society, and the world:

People are More Important Than Beliefs

Throughout history beliefs, dogmas, and ideologies have divided people and have been the source of wars, persecution, and other conflicts. The Oasis movement values the well-being of people over any abstract belief, dogma, theology, or philosophy. Our common humanity is enough to bind us together in meaningful community. (And, yes, we are fully aware that this is also a belief—but we’re just fine with a little irony in our lives!)

Reality is Known Through Reason

Most religions claim to have special insight into the nature of reality on the basis of revelations given by supernatural beings. As a secular movement, the Oasis communities are committed to exploring and understanding reality on the basis of empirical evidence and rational discourse.

Human Hands Solve Human Problems

The challenges facing humanity are largely created by humans themselves. We don’t wait for divine intervention. If the world is to become a better place for all people; it is up to us to make it happen through our collective wisdom, resources, and efforts.

Meaning Comes from Making a Difference

Oasis communities do not exist only to satisfy the needs of their members or perpetuate the Oasis movement. Rather, Oasis communities are committed to service projects and civic engagement that improve the lives of others locally, nationally, and internationally.

Be Accepting and Be Accepted

Oasis communities strive to be places of acceptance for all people. We embrace and celebrate humanity in all its diversity and we foster an environment of compassion and kindness without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and family structure.

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Upcoming events (2)

KC Oasis Sunday Gathering: Featured Speaker, Eric Wells

Online event

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/99812762657?pwd=NXZ5ZzFwRDYyZUtqNE5KQ1NlZVRtdz09

Musical guest: Kelsey Reid

Community moment: Marj Long

Featured speaker: Eric Wells

Leaving a religious faith can be tough. Doubts, trauma, fear, depression, loneliness and confusion can be ongoing issues for those at all stages of transitioning out of religion, from the first time they question a belief to decades after their deconversion. The nonprofit organization Recovering from Religion was formed in 2009 to support these folks and since then has been there for tens of thousands of individuals by directing them to resources and communities, connecting them with professional mental health services and, perhaps more importantly, listening to their struggles with an empathetic ear and open mind with no strings attached. Eric Wells will talk about what services RfR has to offer its clients and what volunteering for the organization has done for him.

About the speaker:
Eric was raised in Southern California Baptist churches and private schools, and finally left his faith in 2012. In 2000 he started the nonprofit organization Volunteers Unite. When in operation, Volunteers Unite built homes for the needy in Mexico and matched hundreds of volunteers to causes they were passionate about. After moving to Missouri, he became a humanist and atheist. In Missouri, he volunteered with a local secular group, the Springfield Skeptics, for whom he served as the Activism Director and the Executive Director. He has organized hundreds of community service events and volunteer activities, as well as the 2017 March For Science rally in Springfield, Missouri. He was the State Director for the American Atheists and fought to keep church and state separate at the city, county and state levels. In 2015, Eric co-founded the now thriving chapter of RfR in Springfield, Missouri. He is a homebuilder, general contractor and a humanist celebrant. In his free time, Eric enjoys researching genealogy, volunteering, activism, educating as a speaker at various conferences, exploring the outdoors and spending time with his wife in their home in Colorado.

KC Oasis Sunday Gathering: Lea Loudon, ShowMe Healthy Relationships

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/99812762657?pwd=NXZ5ZzFwRDYyZUtqNE5KQ1NlZVRtdz09

Musical guest: JJ Cantrell

Community moment: TBA

Featured speaker: Lea Loudon, Program Director, ShowMe Healthy Relationships

Lea Loudon is the program manager for ShowMe Healthy Relationships. In partnership with the University of Missouri, this program helps single people achieve their goals in romantic relationships, family, and marriage through building relationship skills. Lea has worked for Cornerstones of Care for eight years. She has four children of her own, is married, and loves gardening and other outdoor activities.

Lea is excited for the opportunity to talk to the Oasis community in hopes of getting this valuable information out to those who would benefit from learning more about themselves, effective communication skills, and how to determine if a relationship is safe and healthy.

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