Street Photography & the LUX Light Festival


This is another follow up from the latest development night on "Street Photography".

We will meet at the front entrance of the Wellington Railway Station and wander up to Frank Kitts Park, there are lots to see and do. Dinner will follow at the Cuba Street Night Markets (at your own expense).

About the LUX Light Festival.
LUX Light Festival is a free public light festival that turns Wellington’s waterfront and laneways into a captivating celebration of light, art, technology and design.

Bigger and brighter than ever in 2017, LUX will showcase a fantastical array of light sculptures that wind their way through the city. Five new precincts will feature a broad range of outstanding nationally and internationally recognised artists, designers and architects, alongside an array of activities and performance. Unique on the world stage will be the all new Te Aō Marama precinct featuring a programme of New Zealand’s leading contemporary Māori light artists and performers. The Playground and Circus precincts will delight the child in everyone, while a feast of street art and fine art will highlight the Urban Edge and Gallery precincts. As the gateway to winter, LUX invites audiences to bundle up and bask in the glow of Wellington.

More information can be found HERE (

Bring your camera gear, warm clothing and good walking shoes.