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Davis-Douglas Farm (Wildlands Trust headquarters)

675 Long Pond Road · Plymouth, MA

What we're about

Want to have fun, meet new people and help preserve the natural beauty of Plymouth? Then join Keep Plymouth Green. As those of us privileged to live here know, Plymouth has exceptionally beautiful ponds, beaches, forests, bogs and wildlife. However, some of that beauty is at risk. We, who are dedicated to retaining its natural beauty, must work together to protect, preserve and maintain the community character, natural resources, open spaces and wildlife of Plymouth. Our main activities will be to help educate residents, town leaders, and visitors about the many economic and social benefits of natural open space. We will also assist with acquiring these special parcels that will be placed under the protection of conservation restrictions. As the native Americans who first settled here have said, "We don't own the land...we borrow it from our children." Please join us in doing so.

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