Give up the London's city streets for a day and breathe some fresh air. Improve your overall fitness levels, whilst chatting to new people during a rural and Thamespath walk in Surrey. Stay later after the walk and continue the socialising in a pub near Walton on Thames.

Join us today for a SCENIC SATURDAY AFTERNOON WALK (length approx. 6.5 miles) along the THAMES PATH from HAMPTON COURT STATION to WALTON-ON-THAMES.

SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES APPLY. The walk will be adequately spaced out in small groups of twos and threes (no bunching of more than 6 persons permitted); please also be sure that when waiting for the start of the walk that you maintain adequate social distancing (or wear a mask) outside the station. Please carry a hand sanitiser and no handshaking. This walking event ends on arrival at Walton on Thames. If you intend to visit a pub after the walk please do so in small groups and maintain the social distancing guidelines as indicated by the venue.

Look for the Ken's Events Flag outside the station. Please note we are going to Hampton Court Station - London fare zone 6. The walk finishes at a pub in Walton -on - Thames - London fare zone 6 . The pub is a good 20 minute walk from the train station providing trains back to central london. However if you do not wish to walk to the station you catch bus numbers 458, 553 or 663 from near the pub to the station.

More info:
Please note that there is a £4 organisers contribution,payable in cash at the start, for this walking event for those members and guests not holding the Ken's Events Membership card.

Look for Ken with the Ken's Events/Meetup Flag, outside the station.

What about the weather? Light rain or occasional showers is not a problem and the walk will proceed. Check back on the morning of the event for an update at 11am.

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RISK WARNING:Please dress appropriately for weather conditions and carry a bottle of water and necessary medication. You need to be moderately fit for this walk and be able to walk for four miles without a break. In these walks we use; pavements, cross busy roads, public parkland, towpaths alongside water, other public paths, rights of way, bridlepaths, country lanes and other established paths and tracks through woodland, bush and countryside. Please only wear good sturdy shoes, preferably walking boots and take care as surfaces may be uneven, tree roots may protrude, there may be low overhanging branches and some paths are also used by joggers and cyclists and sometimes cars (country lanes). Some tracks may be muddy and slippery. On occasion wild,domestic and farm animals may also encountered. If you require insurance for these walks then you must arrange this yourself.

Unfortunately no dogs and children (under the age of 18) are permitted on these walks.

If you enjoy weekday and evening walks, then you should join Ken's Weekday and Evenings Walking Group. Click here for more information. (

When you arrive at the station look for the 'KEN'S EVENTS'/Meetup Flag/Sign.